1844 Lucy Walker steamboat disaster

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Lucy Walker steamboat disaster
Type 1 boat incident
Type 2 BBS
Year 1844
Date 10/23
Place Ohio River, Indiana
Numbers 9, 11, 44, 66
Vicsims James West Pegram,
Samuel Mansfield Brown
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Sinking of Titanic (1912)
Prescriptive programming
Fakeologist [ab 1]

The Lucy Walker steamboat disaster was a Bizarre Billionaire Story boat incident psyop taking place on the Ohio River near New Albany, Indiana, Unites States on, but the date is somehow uncertain [?!] October 23, 1844. Allegedly, the steamboat exploded with an uncertain (ranging from 18 to 130 people) amount of people on board. The steamboat "sank" [?!] in just 12 feet of water in the river.

A lawyer and banker, James West Pegram was on board and alleged victim (vicsim). The vessel's owner was a Native American, her crew were African-American slaves, and her passengers represented a cross-section of frontier travelers. Special Postal Agent Samuel Mansfield Brown of Lexington, Kentucky, was also identified as a victim. Brown had been one of the protagonists in a famous frontier brawl at Russell Cave, Kentucky, with Cassius Marcellus Clay (Muhammed Ali's name was Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.!).

The aftermath of this disaster led to political hustle with centralized vs state governmental laws.

Official story

• The destruction of the Lucy Walker is well documented, but nearly every source contains some contradictions, garbled names, or incomplete information.

• Various sources provide estimates of fatalities widely ranging from 18 to more than 100 deaths.
• Since the vessel's passenger manifests and crew lists were lost, there is no way to know precisely how many died.
Even the date of the accident has frequently been listed in error in many reference works, which have the date as October 22 or 25, 1844.

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Woodcut from 1856
Looks legit!


  • The Lucy Walker was an average vessel of her time: 144 feet (44 m) long with a beam of 24 feet 6 inches [6-6] (7.47 m) and a draft of 5ft 6in (1.68 m). She displaced 183 tons.
  • Incident "happened" around 5:00 on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 23, 1844.

Crazy story

  • the three boilers exploded in a mighty blast, propelling shards of metal and pieces of human flesh.
  • One man shot 50 feet (15 m) in the air, to fall as a missile, piercing the boat's deck.
  • Another was sliced in half by a piece of a boiler wall.

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