1946 - Dead Sea Scrolls

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Dead Sea Scrolls
1QIsa b.jpg
Type 1 Archeology
Type 2 Forgery
Type 3 Myth creation
Years 1946+
Place Qumran caves
Perps Jews
Podcasts FAC 611, FRAC 7.7
Research [R 1]
Mainstream [M 1][M 2][M 3][M 4]

The Dead Sea Scrolls are an allegedly original biblical document found in 11 Qumran caves in Israel since November 1946. Mainstream already admits "some of the" or "five" scrolls are fake.[M 1] It seems more like it all is a modern fake.


  • some or "five" scrolls are fake [but the rest suddenly not?] - YouTube - Some Dead Sea Scrolls at Bible museum apparently forged - 2:57[M 2][M 3]
  • Involvement of NASA - How NASA Technology Is Deciphering Mysterious Dead Sea Scrolls | TODAY - 4:23[M 4]
    • Big screen adventure.[R 1]
  • Hoax theory proposed by Solomon Zeitlin early since its "discovery" in 1946, in newspaper on March 4th, 1949.[R 1]
  • 1926 pre War of the Worlds broadcast, 1947 hoax emergency news, causing widespread panic.[R 1]
  • It is an industry, drama everywhere and different interpretations, disputed ownership of the scrolls.[R 1]
  • Rockefeller museum in Israel established 10 years before finding the scrolls[R 1]
  • Post 2002 scrolls are fake? Because they didn't match with the older ones. Why the old are not fake?[R 1]
  • Shepherd "found" the scrolls, identity later revealed, after October 1949, even though an interview was held.[R 1]
  • Repeated, not proven statements to support authenticity.[R 1]
  • Scholarly objective approach taken early on by Solomon Zeitlin in 1953.[R 1]
  • Are the Dead Scrolls the Torah Scrolls (manuscript 18th century)?[R 1]
  • Focus on (paleo)linguistic analysis.[R 1]
  • 1960 death of John D. Rockefeller halts funding of scroll research.[R 1]
  • 574 texts photographed.[R 1]
  • 1965 Judean Scrolls, challenging earlier interpretations and datings, 1st century CE proposed.[R 1]
  • 1976 long Hebrew fragments to Book of Enoch published.[R 1]
  • 1977 criticism about restricted access to the Scrolls.[R 1]
  • 1990 still restricted access.[R 1]
  • 1995 Hanon Eschel finds 4 more caves, in 2004, ten years after excavation, was a pottery factory.[R 1]
  • 2005 new scroll fragments, Eschel arrested for illegal trade of archeological material.[R 1]

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