1960 Assassination of Inejiro Asanuma

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Assassination of Inejiro Asanuma
Asanuma Inejiro 1948.JPG
Type 1 assassination
Type 2 DCP
Year 1960
Date 10/12
Place Tokyo, Japan
Perp Otoya Yamaguchi
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The assassination of Inejiro Asanuma was an assassination DCP psyop taking place on October 12, 1960. Live on TV, 17-year old "student" killed the leader of the socialist party, in Tokyo, Japan. One alleged photo of the event was World Press Photo of the year 1961.

Official story

• On October 12, 1960, Asanuma was assassinated by 17-year-old Otoya Yamaguchi, a militant nationalist, during a televised political debate for the coming elections for the House of Representatives. While Asanuma spoke from the lectern at Tokyo's Hibiya Hall, Yamaguchi rushed onstage and ran his yoroi-dōshi (a traditional samurai sword) through Asanuma's ribs on the left side, killing him. Japanese television company NHK was video recording the debate for later transmission and the tape of Asanuma's assassination was shown many times to millions of viewers. The photograph of Asanuma's assassination won its photographer Yasushi Nagao both the Pulitzer Prize and World Press Photo of the Year.

• The Japanese public was deeply shocked by Asanuma's assassination. In its wake, a spate of mass demonstrations for peace and order ensued across the country. The killer Yamaguchi was captured at the scene of the crime, and a few weeks afterwards committed suicide while in police custody.
• During a televised debate held in Tokyo on October 12, 1960, right-wing nationalist Otoya Yamaguchi stabbed politician Inejiro Asanuma to death with a samurai sword right in front of the audience. The killer, just 17 at the time, was part of a group that wanted to remove both Western and communist influence from Japan and restore the country’s traditional culture. On these issues, Yamaguchi felt that Asanuma — the leader of the Japan Socialist Party who had praised communist China — was his enemy. So he decided to kill him and chose a close-range weapon to display his utter conviction, knowing full well that he wouldn’t get away.

Wikipedia,[MSM 1] Newsbukket[1]



  • Footage looks pretty convincing at full speed, much less in slow motion
  • Looks like the knife is bloody when he pulls the knife out
  • Immediately after the stabbing, the perp tries it again but is immediately detained


  • The angles of the photographers are different, but it looks like the World Press Photo was taken lower, but more to the right
  • Compare that to the live footage and the position this fight happens much more to the left of the three banners
  • What are the chances that someone in these seconds can shoot that photo, sharp and clear, apart from the paper in the air not moving??


  • Asanuma was an ex-right wing, but after World War II turned into socialist
  • The perp "committed suicide in jail" on November 3 (11-3 - 33)

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