1972 Lufthansa Flight 615 hijacking

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Lufthansa Flight 615 hijacking
A Lufthansa Boeing 727-100, similar to the aircraft
involved in the hijacking of Flight 615
Official name Lufthansa Flight 615 hijacking
Year 1972
Date 10/29
Place Frankfurt
Place West Germany
Place Europe
Story Perps/s Black September

This psyop is a follow-up psyop of the Munich massacre where three perpetrators were allegedly caught and imprisoned by the german authorities. During the Lufthansa Flight 615 hijacking those three imprisoned perpetrator become free.

Official summary

The Lufthansa Flight 615 hijacking occurred on 29 October 1972 and aimed at the liberation of the three surviving perpetrators (Adnan Al-Gashey, Jamal Al-Gashey and Mohammed Safady) of the Munich massacre from a West German prison.

When the Lufthansa airplane was seized by sympathisers of Black September during the Beirut-Ankara part of a multi-stopover flight from Damascus to Frankfurt, the West German authorities complied with the demand of having the prisoners released. They were handed over at Zagreb Airport, and the hijacked aircraft was flown to Tripoli, where all hostages were released. The liberated Munich attackers were granted asylum by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

For its actions, the West German government was criticised by Israel and other parties, in some cases combined with allegations that the hijacking had been staged or at least tolerated with theories of a secret agreement between the German government and Black September Organization - release of the surviving terrorists in exchange for assurances of no further attacks on Germany.

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Alleged victims

The 13 passengers and 7 crew were freed in Libya. No fatalities.

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