1993 WTC Bombing

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1993 WTC Bombing
1993 World Trade Center Bombing by Eric Ascalon WTC5
Official name 1993 World Trade Center Bombing
Year 1993
Date 02/26
Place New York City
Place United States
Place North America
Perps Ramzi Yousef, Mahmud Abouhalima,
Mohammad Salameh, Nidal A. Ayyad,
Abdul Rahman Yasin Ahmed Ajaj,
Khaled Sheikh Mohammed

Official summary

The 1993 World Trade Center bombing was a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, carried out on February 26, 1993, when a truck bomb detonated below the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. The 1,336 pounds (606 kg) urea nitrate–hydrogen gas enhanced device was intended to send the North Tower (Tower 1) crashing into the South Tower (Tower 2), bringing both towers down and killing tens of thousands of people. It failed to do so but killed six people and injured over a thousand.

The attack was planned by a group of terrorists including Ramzi Yousef, Mahmud Abouhalima, Mohammad Salameh, Nidal A. Ayyad, Abdul Rahman Yasin, and Ahmed Ajaj. They received financing from Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, Yousef's uncle. In March 1994, four men were convicted of carrying out the bombing: Abouhalima, Ajaj, Ayyad, and Salameh. The charges included conspiracy, explosive destruction of property, and interstate transportation of explosives. In November 1997, two more were convicted: Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind behind the bombings, and Eyad Ismoil, who drove the truck carrying the bomb.

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Memorial Fountain by ELYN ZIMMERMAN : World Trade Center Memorial 1995 with inscription:

“ On February 26, 1993, a bomb set by terrorists exploded below this site. This horrible act of violence killed innocent people, injured thousands, and made victims of us all.”

The fountain was destroyed with the rest of the World Trade Center during the September 11 (9/11) attacks.




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