2017 Melbourne car attack

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December 2017 Melbourne car attack
Elizabeth Street tram terminus, Melbourne
Elizabeth Street tram terminus, Melbourne
Official name December 2017 Melbourne car attack
Year 2017
Date 12/21
Place Melbourne
Place Australia
Story Perps/s Saeed Noori
Mainstream [MSM 1][MSM 2]

This psyop aims to enhance the security measures in public spaces, especially streets. The use of the Islam/Liberalism narrative counts as well established in the public perception since 9/11. Nonetheless we do not have an islamist terrorist portrayed as assailant in this psyop but a lone nut with an immigration background from an arab country. In this manner the producers of the psyop avoid a direct discrimination of the figure of the migrant, which would be problematic since Australia is the continent of the migrantion per se.

Official summary

According to witnesses and police, the driver, Saeed Noori, deliberately ran a red light then accelerated into an area with a speed limit of 40 kilometres per hour (25 mph) where he ran into the pedestrians. His car then hit a bollard beside a tram stop.

The nineteen injured included nine foreign nationals: three from South Korea, and one each from China, Italy, India, Venezuela, Ireland, and New Zealand. An off-duty officer of the Victorian Police was credited with quickly subduing the suspect who was wrestled to the ground, handcuffed, and arrested.

A second man, filming the incident, was also arrested and found to be carrying a bag containing three knives and a quantity of marijuana. It was subsequently determined that he was not directly involved in the incident.

On 21 December, Victoria Police Commander Russell Barrett stated "At this stage we believe it is a deliberate act." As a result of the incident, nineteen people were taken to a hospital. As of 23 December 2017, three were in a critical condition.

One victim, Antonis Crocaris (83), died in hospital on 29 December 2017.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that Melbourne has "special challenges", including wide streets, wide footpaths and tramways, which enable a driver to make such an attack. It would be impossible to install bollards in every part of the city.

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Alleged victims

  • Antonis Crocaris (83)

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