2017 Times Square car crash

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2017 Times Square car crash
Times Square in Manhattan, April 2017
Times Sq Apr 2017 17
Official name 2017 Times Square car crash
Year 2017
Date 05/18
Place New York City
Place United States
Place North America
Story Perp/s Richard Rojas

This psyop follows a performance pattern that has been used also in the December 2017 Melbourne car attack and other psyops with the use of a vehicle which can differ; for other examples see car attack psyops and truck attack psyops.

Official summary

On May 18, 2017, a car was crashed in Times Square, New York City. One person was killed and 20 were injured. Navy veteran Richard Rojas was charged with two counts of second degree murder, 18 attempted murders and 38 assaults, to which he pled not guilty.

After being detained, Rojas was found to have ingested phencyclidine before the crash. When interviewed by the NYPD, Rojas said he wanted to die in a "suicide by cop", and that he had been hearing voices. In a jailhouse news interview three days later, he said he did not remember the incident or any statements he made afterward.

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