Air Florida Flight 90

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Air Florida Flight 90
Type 1 plane crash
Target culprit pilot error
Year 1982
Date 01/13
Place Washington D.C.
Numbers 9, 11
Perp ice
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Programming Hudson Hoax (2009)
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Fakeologist [ab 1]

Air Florida Flight 90 was a plane crash psyop (CEPPAR) taking place on January 13, 1982 in Washington D.C.

Official story

• Air Florida Flight 90 was a scheduled U.S. domestic passenger flight operated by Air Florida from Washington National Airport to Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport with an intermediate stopover at Tampa International Airport. On January 13, 1982, the Boeing 737-222 registered as N62AF, crashed into the 14th Street Bridge over the Potomac River just two miles from the White House.

• The aircraft struck the 14th Street Bridge, which carries Interstate 395 between Washington, D.C. and Arlington County, Virginia. It struck 7 occupied vehicles on the bridge and destroyed 97 feet (30 m) of guard rail before it plunged through the ice into the Potomac River. The aircraft was carrying 74 passengers and 5 crew members. Four passengers and one flight attendant were rescued from the crash and survived. Another passenger, Arland D. Williams, Jr., assisted in the rescue of the survivors but drowned before he himself could be rescued. Four motorists on the bridge were killed. The survivors were rescued from the icy river by civilians and professionals. President Ronald Reagan commended these acts during his State of the Union speech a few days later.
• The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) determined that the cause of the accident was pilot error. The pilots failed to switch on the engines' internal ice protection systems, used reverse thrust in a snowstorm prior to takeoff, tried to use the jet exhaust of a plane in front of them to melt their own ice, and failed to abort the takeoff even after detecting a power problem while taxiing and visually identifying ice and snow buildup on the wings.

Wikipedia[MSM 1]



  • Navy pilot is third officer, flight struck 14th bridge in Washington D.C.[MSM 2]
  • Passenger with 67 fractured bones managed to swim out the plane when it was in the Potomac River.
  • Cameraman [in the middle of a snowstorm on the bridge???] takes footage.
  • Emergency services arrive minutes later [?!].
  • Survivors escape plane in life jackets??
  • When did they put that on?? The crash was a complete surprise. Did they pull it out from underneath the crashed seats in the freezing water?
  • Guy Sputnik...ehh Skutnik jumps in, tries to save the woman, but fails to grab her. Suddenly other rescuers are in the water...?
  • NTSB guy also former US Navy pilot.
  • Finding a -grainy!- photo of the plane, 10 minutes after de-icing it, taken from another plane in their records???
  • In those times film was costly, not like today you'd take snapshots and selfies of every turd to put on Pinterest...
  • Search area the size of a football pitch [presented as if that is big, but for a plane it's obviously not] and only after 7 days [??] the FDR and also CDR are found?
  • "He peels away wreckage with razor sharp metal"
  • [but... the wreckage was already taken out by cranes days before??]


  • Lenny Skutnik seems rather non-plussed to be having those encomia heaped upon him by President Reagan, in fact, he gives the appearance of non wanting to be there.[ab 2]

NW: How active are you in politics these days? LS: I'm off the grid—I'm retired. I get to go to the polls and vote. That's as much power as I have. The rest of it is politics. It works itself out. NW: Do you have any plans for watching tonight? Do you still feel like you're a part of the culture of the State of the Union? LS: I got my fifteen minutes of fame. That's it. Wednesday is the anniversary [of the Air Florida crash]. I bought a few Powerball tickets. I don't get carried away.

  • The photographer who "just happened" to be on the bridge is only too happy to talk us through it 35 years later... [wheeling out a hoax every five years is another indicator...]

Another survivor, Priscilla Tirado, [also 52 in 2012] moved to Florida and has been reluctant to talk about the crash. "Her young husband, José, and their two-month-old son were killed – the infant’s was the last body recovered, 11 days after the crash" [Guardian, 2003]

The other two survivors are no longer living. After the crash, Bert Hamilton moved to Florida and became a motivational speaker. Felch, Stiley’s assistant, married and divorced after the crash, moved from Northern Virginia to Florida and back. Hamilton and Felch died in April 2002, 16 days apart.

  • Well, fancy that!
  • a cold water Trans-Asia event, crossed with the Miracle of the Hudson, with the planted, suggestive bits of wreckage only emerging for the cameras days later with the "big crane".[hoax favourite]. Total hoax, but a good one, with excellent acting.

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