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A Bizarre Billionaire Story (BBS) is a bizarre story meant as a psyop and presented by media ("alternative" or mainstream) about a rich person, not necessarily a billionaire, that was chosen for the alliteration. Can be a DCP, but also "missing" or "kidnapped" rich people or other strange stories are covered by this term.

Name Year Date Place Type 1 Type 2 Research MSM
[[]] year date place [ab 1] [MSM 1]
Alfred Loewenstein 1928 07/04 English Channel DCP plane crash [ab 2] [MSM 2][MSM 3]
Ivar Kreuger 1932 03/12 Paris, France DCP suicide [MSM 4]
Tomas Bata 1932 07/12 Czechoslovakia DCP plane crash [ab 3] [MSM 5]
Roberto Calvi 1982 06/17 London, UK DCP suicide [MSM 6]
Michele Sindona 1986 03/22 Italy thug murder in prison [MSM 7]
Cam(illa) Lyman 1987 Massachusetts LGBT disappearance, murder [ab 4] [MSM 8]
Abilio Diniz 1989 12/17 São Paulo, Brazil DCP kidnapping [MSM 9]
Edmond Safra 1999 December Monaco DCP murder [ab 5] [MSM 10]
Edouard Stern 2005 March Geneva, Switzerland DCP murder [ab 5] [MSM 11]
Yoo Byung-Un (You Buying On) 2014 04/16 South Korea DCP boat incident [ab 6] [MSM 12]
Barry Sherman and Honey Sherman 2017 12/15 Toronto, Canada double DCP mystery [ab 7] [MSM 13]

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