Birmingham pub bombings

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Birmingham pub bombings
A British Army Ammunition technical officer approaches
a "suspect device" in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Eod technician ireland
Official name Birmingham pub bombings
Year 1974
Date 11/21
Place Birmingham
Place United Kingdom
Place Europe
Story Perps/s Irish Republican Army

This psyop is part of a series of events that have not yet been analyzed from a fakeological point of view known as the Irish Troubles that unfolded between 1969–1998.

Official summary

The Birmingham pub bombings (also known as the Birmingham bombings) occurred on 21 November 1974, when bombs exploded in two public houses in central Birmingham, England. The explosions killed 21 people and injured 182 others.

The Provisional Irish Republican Army has never officially admitted responsibility for the Birmingham pub bombings, but a former senior officer of the organisation confessed to their involvement in 2014, with an admission the bombings "went against everything we [the Provisional Irish Republican Army] claimed to stand for". In 2017, one of the alleged perpetrators of the bombings, Michael Hayes, also claimed that the intention of the bombings had not been to harm civilians, and that their deaths had been caused by an unintentional delay in delivering a protocol advance telephone warning to security services.

Six Irishmen were arrested within hours of the blasts, and in 1975 sentenced to life imprisonment for the bombings. The men—who became known as the Birmingham Six—maintained their innocence and insisted police had coerced them into signing false confessions through severe physical and psychological abuse. After 16 years in prison and a lengthy campaign, their convictions were declared unsafe and unsatisfactory, and quashed by the Court of Appeal in 1991. The episode is seen as one of the worst miscarriages of justice in British legal history.

The Birmingham pub bombings are seen as one of the deadliest acts of the Troubles and the deadliest act of terrorism to occur in Great Britain between the Second World War and the 2005 London bombings.

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