Crash Exercise Planes Portrayed As Real

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Crash Exercise Planes Portrayed As Real - CEPPAR
Type 1 Fakeology
Technology Research
Type 2 Plane crashes
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Crash Exercise Planes Portrayed As Real is a special version of the HRDPAR (Hyper Realistic Drill Portrayed as Real). Pilots train air collisions, crashes and disasters all the time. What the HRDPAR is for the "terror attack" psyop, is the CEPPAR training exercise for the plane crash psyops. Pilots almost admit it; experienced pilot "Flying since 1968, I never experienced an engine failure".[MSM 1] Also notice the clear crisis actress around minute 28. Again her "it was surreal" from minute 30 onwards.

Only 5 members of the NTSB decide about the cause of a crash, after being informed by the researchers.[MSM 2]

Other points

  • CBS admitting they fake plane crashes.[1]
  • Undercover flight marshalls fake hijackings and bombings.[MSM 3]
  • Crash: The Mystery of Flight 1501 (1990) is a made-for-TV movie[MSM 4]

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