Colonia Dignidad

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Colonia Dignidad
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Type 1 cult
Type 2
Year 1961-2007
Place Chile
Perp Paul Schäfer
Augusto Pinochet
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Colonia Dignidad was a cult colony in Chile, hosting prisoners after the 9/11 coup d'etat Chile in 1973, organized by Henry Kissinger where Augusto Pinochet took power and Salvador Allende was "murdered". The colony gained the attention because of the activities by Paul Schäfer, an Austrian emigrant, who sexually abused and tortured children.

Official story

• Villa Baviera (English: Bavaria Village) is the current organization occupying the location of the infamous and disgraced Colonia Dignidad (English: Dignity Colony), in Parral Commune, Linares Province, in the Maule Region of central Chile. Located in an isolated area, Colonia Dignidad was ~35 km southeast of the city of Parral, on the north bank of the Perquilauquén River. Colonia Dignidad was founded by German émigrés in the mid-1950s. Its most notorious leader, Paul Schäfer, arrived in the colony in 1961. The full name of the colony from the 1950s was Sociedad Benefactora y Educacional Dignidad (English: Dignity Charitable and Educational Society). At its largest, Colonia Dignidad was home to some 300 German and Chilean residents, and covered 137 square kilometers (53 sq mi). The main legal economic activity of the colony was agriculture; at various periods it also was home to a school, a hospital, two airstrips, a restaurant, and a power station.

• Colonia Dignidad's longest continuous leader, Schäfer, was a fugitive, accused of child molestation in the former West Germany. The organization he led in Chile was described, alternately, as a cult or as a group of "harmless eccentrics". The organization was secretive, and the Colonia was surrounded by barbed wire fences, and featured a watchtower and searchlights, and was later reported to contain secret weapon caches. In recent decades, external investigations, including efforts by the Chilean government, uncovered a history of criminal activity in the enclave, including child sexual abuse. As well, the findings include that its legal activities were supplemented by income related to weapons sales and money laundering. Bruce Falconer, writing in a piece entitled "The Torture Colony" (in The American Scholar), and referencing Chile’s National Commission for Truth and Reconciliation, has reported that a small set of the individuals taken by Pinochet's Dirección de Inteligencia Nacional during his rule were held as prisoners at Colonia Dignidad, some of whom were subjected to torture, and that some Colonia residents of the time were participants in the atrocities.
• The population of this location was 198 in the census of 2002. As of 2005, a colony remains on the site, using the site, with its leaders insisting that it is a different, changed organization. Its current leaders have attempted to modernize the colony, allowing residents to leave to study at university, and opening the colony to tourism.
• The first inhabitants of Colonia Dignidad arrived in 1961, brought by German citizen Paul Schäfer, who was born in 1921, in the town of Troisdorf. Schäfer's first employment in Germany was as a welfare worker for children in an institution of the local church, a post from which he was fired at the end of the 1940s; he then faced accusations of sexual abuse against children in his care. While these first reports led to his dismissal, no criminal proceedings were initiated. He worked next as an independent preacher. Forming a community in Gronau, an organization dedicated to working with children at risk. He quickly acquired great influence over his members, who had to perform hard farm work without pay. Shortly thereafter, stories reemerged relating to the earlier allegations of pedophilia against him. As a result, Schäfer organized in 1961 the emigration of several hundred members of their community to Chile.
• Journalist John Dinges has claimed that there was some degree of cooperation between the Bundesnachrichtendienst (German Intelligence Service) and Colonia Dignidad, including creation of bunkers, tunnels, a hospital, and runways for the decentralized production of armaments in modules (parts produced in one place, other parts in another). This subject was proactively hidden, because of the problems experienced at the time associated with Argentina.
Both the CIA and Simon Wiesenthal have presented evidence of the presence at the colony of the infamous Nazi concentration camp doctor Josef Mengele, known as the "Angel of Death" for his lethal experiments on human subjects during the Holocaust Story.

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