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Conspiracy theory
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The term conspiracy theory refers to a concept used for psyOps. It is designed to obfuscate the true deeds and actions, the real motivation and objectives, reasons and consequences as well as the real responsibles of a Military Psychological Operation. It targets, discriminates and undermines the individual integrity, the common sense and the social bonds.


Conspiring does primarily not have a negative but a positive connotation. It literary describes that human beings share the air they breathe - an elementary common condition of existence. To conspire does therefore implicitly transfer the notion of the common, shared, collective and can be be viewed as an anthropological constant.
Conspiracy theory as a concept for deception was designed and implemented by professional resources of the Military Intelligence Apparatus as part of the psychological operation of the JFK assassination.
The term was conceptualized and weaponized in order to prevent, inhibit and prohibit the identification of what really happended on November, 22 1963; to expand the impact of the JFK assassination psyOp; to transform institutions within society and the state, e.g. laws, rights, education, etc.; and to create new conditions for the Dispositif of Power as consequence of the psyOp.


Conspiracy theory is a concept, a prototype that can be described in terms of lists of typical features and/or in terms of paradigm cases or exemplars.

The concept is used to generate stories, interpretations, explanations, narratives regarding the main content of the psyOp.

Typical features

Conspiracy theory is a concept with specified characteristics which aim at enhancing insecurity and weaken balance. Examples are:

  • Threat-based clues
  • Loss of control patterns
  • Anxiety triggers
  • Sensationalistic patterns
  • Extraordinary malevolence

Distinction regarding main inducement

  • Event conspiracy theories are conceptualized for a single event.
  • Discours conspiracy theories are conceptualized to create a new or alter and dominate an existing discours in a particular field of knowledge.

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