Dunblane school shooting

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Dunblane school shooting
Dunblane 1996
Dunblane 1996.jpg
Official name Dunblane massacre
Year 1996
Date 03/13
Place Dunblane, Scotland, UK
Story Perps/s Thomas Watt Hamilton

This psyop is the second oldest school shooting HRDPAR after the Montreal massacre in 1989. For more information about this performance pattern see the category school shooting psyops.

Official summary

The Dunblane school massacre took place at Dunblane Primary School near Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland, on 13 March 1996, when Thomas Hamilton shot 16 children and one teacher dead before killing himself. It remains the deadliest mass shooting in British history.

Public debate about the killings centred on gun control laws, including public petitions calling for a ban on private ownership of handguns and an official inquiry, which produced the 1996 Cullen Reports. In response to this debate, two new Firearms Acts were passed, which outlawed private ownership of most handguns in Great Britain.

Fakeology Analysis


  • Fakeologist: Tom Dalpra, Nemesis a.o.: "I don't like Mondays" - Foreshadowing of THE British school shooting in the little Scottish town of Dunblane [ab 2]



  • Max resistance: Was the Newtown CT School Shooting Based on a Real Event? [1]
  • Bitchute: Interiews: They Shoot Children Don't They?[2]

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Alleged victims

  • Victoria Elizabeth Clydesdale (age 5)
  • Emma Elizabeth Crozier (age 5)
  • Melissa Helen Currie (age 5)
  • Charlotte Louise Dunn (age 5)
  • Kevin Allan Hasell (age 5)
  • Ross William Irvine (age 5)
  • David Charles Kerr (age 5)
  • Mhairi Isabel MacBeath (age 5)
  • Gwen Mayor (age 45) (teacher)
  • Brett McKinnon (age 6)
  • Abigail Joanne McLennan (age 5)
  • Emily Morton (age 5)
  • Sophie Jane Lockwood North (age 5)
  • John Petrie (age 5)
  • Joanna Caroline Ross (age 5)
  • Hannah Louise Scott (age 5)
  • Megan Turner (age 5)



The Standing Stone sculpted by Richard Kindersley to commemerate the events in Dunblane of 13th March 1996 - the Dunblane school massacre. Text on left is from The poet's journal by Bayard Taylor (page 80, published by Ticknor and Fields in 1863); text on right is from The Children's Prayer by Richard Henry Stoddard (born 1825, died 1903). Dunblane Standing Stone



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