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  • Euro Brokers Inc. is one of the alleged firms which claimed victims on 9/11 at the WTC area. Euro Brokers Inc. is also refered to as Euro Brokers, Eurobrokers, Euro
  • Euro Brokers Inc. is according to the official story a tenant of the 84th floor of WTC2
  • Euro Brokers Inc. claimed 61 victims according to the Wikipedia data.
  • Euro Brokers Inc. claimed 60 victims according to the CNN Memorial website data as cited in the 9/11 Vicsim Report data.

(This page is being updated with research about the firm and their alleged survivors or victims. The information is not complete yet .)

The firm in relation to the WTC

Alleged victims of Euro Brokers on 9/11

Note: This information is based on the CNN Memorial data as cited by the 9/11 Vicsim Report.
Note: First number: Count;
Second Number: CNN Memorial number as cited in the 9/11 Vicsim Report.

Alleged survivors of Euro Brokers on 9/11

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