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The F.A.R.T. Podcast 41
1909 Tyee - Dorm Hen.jpg
Live Sunday September 8, 2019
Time 21:30 AEST
Length ~2:00:00
Producer Velocet
Host Rollo
Panel Exoterick, Noiz Level
Guests Geris, Fakeologist
Website FART 41 - "Finnicky"
Email mail@fartpodcast.com
Participate Join F.A.R.T. Discord

FART 41, named "Finnicky", was the 41st episode in the F.A.R.T. Podcast series (Finnicky Australian Round Table; commonly known as FART), an amazing initiative started by Fakeologist.com member Velocet in September 2018.[R 1]

The show, preceding FART 42, hosts Rollo with his panel Exoterick and Noiz Level, special guest Josh, Geris and Fakeologist, Gaia.

"Rick does the show from his car, Terrance Dicks dies, Rosie has a birthday, Dave Chappelle's woke comedy, Rollo calls in to Lawsie to invite him on the podcast, We get a letter from Stacy and the Omega Delta Delta sorority, Geris features in Noiz's News and Ab drops by to tell us the length of his penis."


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