FRAC 91119 - A l'aveuglette

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FRAC Podcast 91119
"A l'aveuglette"
Blason famille Rothschild.svg
Live Friday September 13, 2019
Time 16:50 ET/22:50 CEST/07:50 AEST
Length 3.5 hours
Host Geris
Production Gaia
Guests DaveJ, Fakeologist,
Fliegenfuerst, Gaia, Legende
Listen FRAC 91119, 2+ hours into chat
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Series FRAC
FRAC 19.9 FRAC 20
FAC 610

FRAC Podcast 91119 (FRiday Audio Chat), named "A l'aveuglette" was the 24th podcast in the Friday Audio Chat series, FRAC, hosted by the more than excellent researcher, comedian and podcast presenter Geris, also known as pornstar Benoît from Geneva, Switzerland, with as first guest Dave J and second guests Ab the only Fakeologist, Fliegenfuerst, Legende and Gaia, which aired live for 3.5 hours at on September 13, 2019. The audio fragment is about 3.5 hours, starting about 2 hours in here.[1]

The about 45 minutes long first session with Dave J deals with the question 18 years later... What have YOU learned?, as a follow-up to FRAC 9.11.


  • 18 years later... what have YOU learned? - 45 min - Geris & Dave J
  • A l'aveuglette - 1:45+ - Fliegenfuerst, Fakeologist, Gaia & Geris


A l'aveuglette = without consideration, blindly, blinded, without thinking, careless, guesswork, following orders

  • aveugle = blind
  • aveuglé = blinded

"The effect that you take your surroundings (culture, laws, customs) as a given, without consideration on what it means.

Can also refer to the attitude to the media; taking a story for granted, blindly, without thinking.

Or guesswork; Dutch "nattevingerwerk"

  • Clownworld 9.11


"Français : Blason famille Rothschild: Écartelé: en 1: d'or à l'aigle de sable; en 2: d'azur à un dextrochère de carnation tenant 5 flèches d'argent; en 3: d'azur à un senestrochère de carnation tenant 5 flèches d'argent; en 4 d'or au lion rampant de gueules; sur le tout de gueules chargé d'une cible ovale avec une pointe au centre d'argent posé en barre."[2]

English: Rothschild coat of arms: Quarterly: 1st, Or an eagle displayed Sable langued Gules; 2nd, Azure issuing from the sinister flank an arm embowed proper grasping five arrows points downward Argent; 3rd, Azure issuing from the dexter flank an arm embowed proper grasping five arrows points downward Argent; 4th, Or a Lion rampant Gules; over all an escutcheon Gules charged with an oval target with pointed center Argent per bend sinister"[2]


Intro - Geris solo


Hour 1 - Dave J & Geris - 45 min
Hour 2 - Fliegenfuerst, Legende & Geris
  • Burkina Faso laws
Hour 3 - General discussion
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