Elite Gender Inversion

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Elite Gender Inversion
Category Transhumanism narrative
Category gender agenda psyops
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Elite Gender Inversion describes a new research field arround the use of gender inversion as an instrument of power and deception.



  • Genealogy

Unreal: "Stages of research" in Fakeologist Forum http://fakeologist.com/forums/topic/egi-elite-gender-inversion/#847592

  • Method


  • MTF (Male to Female) cases and theory
  • FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory


The following list is an (incomplete) overview of different EGI examples:

Photo Name Type Birth year Birth date Death year Death date Remarks Fakeologist Other MSM
Christine Chubbuck MTF 1944 08/24 1974 07/15 • Allegedly committed suicide live on air, at age 29
• wide shoulders, narrow hips (male hip-shoulder ratio), long arms, big head, important neck and male jawline
• massive male brows and browbone, prominent cheek bones, square jaw and wide chin, deep wide set eyes, long neck with probably airbrushed trachea and Adams apple
• impossibly big hands for a female, apparent trachea (possibly also airbrushed), deep set wide eyes, sizeable teeth, wide dental arch and large male chin
• impossibly long humerus bone, male BFP (Body Fat Percentage), square wide shoulders, male wrist and knuckles, square jaw, wide set deep eyes and male hairline
[ab 2] [MSM 1]
Mick Hucknall by Slawek.jpg
Mick Hucknall FTM 1960 06/08 - - • close facial features, small close set eyes, short nose, short mouth, no jawline and female red-coloured lips
• female shoulder to hip ratio, proportionally small head (typically female) partly disguised by voluminous hairstyle
• female digit-ratio and his long index serves him well as he twist fingers to indicate Elite Gender Inversion all while making the popular celebrity hush-hush sign as well
[ab 3] [MSM 2]
Carole King 1998.jpg
Carole King MTF 1942 02/09 - - • She is the recipient of the 2013 Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, the first woman to be so honored.
• She is also a 2015 Kennedy Center Honoree
[ab 4] [MSM 3]
Katie Price at Clothes Show Live.jpg
Katie Price MTF 1978 05/22 - - • In 2012, Price's net worth was estimated at £45 million [ab 5] [MSM 4]
Kelly Ripa, Red Dress Collection 2007.jpg
Kelly Ripa MTF 1970 10/02 - - • In 2014, The Hollywood Reporter named her one of the Most Powerful People in Media [ab 6] [MSM 5]
Carly Simon on Martha's Vineyard.jpg
Carly Simon MTF 1945 06/25 - - [ab 7] [MSM 6]
Maram Susli MTF ? ? - - • Head size is clearly male as are her wide facial features – compared with A. Jones both ‘reporters’ have inverted anatomical characteristics
• Very large chest and ribcage, straight wide shoulders, hair to cover collar bones, big head, very wide set eyes, long sizeable nose, moustache enabled upper lip, large mouth and prominent male cheekbones
[ab 8] [MSM 7]
Catherine Zeta-Jones VF 2012 Shankbone 2.jpg
Catherine Zeta Jones MTF 1969 09/25 - - • The recipient of several accolades, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award and a Tony Award
• in 2010 she was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for her film and humanitarian endeavours
• She supports various charities and causes, and is a prominent celebrity endorser of brands
[ab 9] [MSM 8]

Advanced research and theory


  • Method
  • Motive
  • Technology of reproduction and ethical questions

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