Fukushima tsunami

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Fukushima disaster
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Type 1 nature psyops
Type 2 money scam
Year 2011
Date 03/11
Place Sendai, Japan
Numerology 17, 33, 911
Linked to
Chernobyl disaster (1986)
2004 Indian Ocean tsunami (2004)
Nuke Hoax (1898+)
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The Fukushima tsunami was a major nuclear and environmental scare psyop taking place on March 11, 2011, in Japan. Tohoku megathrust earthquake. Aftershock on 4/7 another 14:46, 43 miles or 70 km east of Oshika at a depth of 18 miles or 29 km. 40.5 m, 133 ft. The costliest natural disaster in history with $235 billion dollars. 1,877,000 population in Sendai area.

There have been no fatalities linked to short term overexposure to radiation reported due to the Fukushima accident, while approximately 18,500 people died due to the earthquake and tsunami.

Another megathrust earthquake was 365 Crete earthquake.

There was another 7.3 earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima on 11/22, 2016. Footage looks very fake.[1]


  • Earthquake created tsunami flooded Sendai, northern Japan, that overwhelmed cooling system of the nuclear reactor, short circuiting of power, no back up power, caused one of the reactor to melt.
  • Hollywood-style tsunami looks fake, floating disaster[CF 3]
  • melt down is secondary psyop, primary was the tsunami itself, the tsunami was the main trigger, a step-by-step incident


Nothing strange here I guess: the tsunami must have passed in this neighborhood as I don't think earthquakes overturn cars and shred them to pieces. The only legible number plate of all the cars shown in this morning's news flashes was that of the black car seen here. I suppose it would have been all-too-silly if, instead of "13 10" it read "03 11"...

Here are a bunch of floating white cars and blue boxes(?)cars(?). I dunno...Once again, we have pretty serious quality issues here - including 'boxed trees' as the one in the bottom righthand corner. I've seen such things before - but only on TV, if you see what I mean...

Then, the BBC showed a black & white version of the most spectacular footage of all - the one featuring the dramatic tsunami wave and that remarkably well-buoyant white ship shown in my previous post - gliding briskly over the farmlands. Now, don't ask me why the BBC would air a greyscale version of such a unique and newsworthy aerial footage. I'm asking YOU that question !

But let's have another look at the original footage - in full color. I have looped forward and backwards this clip. It depicts a moment in which the tsunami wave crosses what looks like an artificial irrigation river. Now, does anything else look artificial here?

As we loop two adjacent frames of that clip, we may sense a possible clue as to why the entire clip appears artificial - something which is hardly noticeable when watching the footage at normal speed. To be sure, it is too early to draw any conclusions regarding this matter, but it would appear we are looking at an animation crafted with an imaging software afflicted with some sort of perspective-related flaws.

  • Ridiculous boat picture


  • Oh, but why compare real Hollywood imagery with anything shown on the News?[CF 4]

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