HBC 584 - The Century of Change

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HBC 584
"The Century of Change"
Seymouria Fossil.jpg
Live Monday November 25, 2019
Length 2:08:16
Host Chris Kendall
Production Chris Kendall
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Series Hoax Busters Call
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HBC 584 (Hoax Busters Call), or "The Century of Change" was the 584th episode in the HBC podcast series, hosted by Chris Kendall. The podcast aired live on Monday November 25, 2019 for 2:08:16.[R 1]


  • Dinosaur hoax
    • Richard Owen - dinosaurs
    • Bone wars - Marsh vs Cope
    • Origins of the narrative
    • Evolution and Darwinism
    • "Whitecoatism" and lack of application of the scientific method
  • Chris:

"I am completely convinced dinosaurs are a hoax..."

  • Chris:

"I know fossils exist, I have seen those marine shell like things, not trilobites [Gaia: "ammonites?"]..."

  • Chris:

"I do not believe in prehistory..."

  • Chris:

"I do not share the idea to not speak bad of the dead; if he was bad..."

  • Chris:

"Thank you Adam for maintaining the blog!"

  • A.I. talking robots at callcenters - Richard

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