Hungerford massacre

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Hungerford massacre
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Hungerford, Kennet and Avon Canal - - 6289
Official name Hungerford massacre
Year 1987
Date 08/19
Place Berkshire
Place United Kingdom
Place Europe
Story Perps/s Michael Robert Ryan

Official summary

The Hungerford massacre was a series of random shootings in Hungerford, England, on 19 August 1987, when Michael Robert Ryan, an unemployed antique dealer and handyman, fatally shot sixteen people, including a police officer, before shooting himself. The shootings, committed using a handgun and two semi-automatic rifles, occurred at several locations, including a school he had once attended. Fifteen other people were also shot but survived. No firm motive for the killings has ever been established, although one psychologist has theorised Ryan's motive for the massacre had been a form of "anger and contempt for the ordinary life" around him, which he himself was not a tangible part of.

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Alleged victims

Michael Robert Ryan b. 1960 (perp)

Susan Elaine Godfrey b. 1952 [13 times in back] [registered Marlborough]

Roland Edgar Mason b. 1917 [6 times in back]

Sheila Florence Mason b. 1921 [once in head] [formal i/ds by son Colin]

George Richardd White b. 1934 [shot 4 times] [formal i/d by s-i-l George Jennings]

Kenneth George Clements b.1936 [walking dog]

P.C. Roger Brereton b 1946 [4 times, car crashed into telegraph pole] [formal i/d not by family but by Coroner’s Office police constable Philip Freemantle, 41]

Abdur Rahman Khan b.1903 [aged 84, mowing lawn]

Dorothy Ellen Ryan b.1924 [mother of Michael Ryan shot in head] [formal i/d by bro-in-law Stephen Fairbrass]

Francis Colin Butler b.1960 [father of 2, married] [formal i/d by father “Fred”]

Marcus Jonathan Barnard b.1957 [taxi driver married**] [formal i/d by father Leonard]

Douglas Paul M. Wainwright b. 1920 [shot in head] [formal i/d by his Policeman son who was “just arrived in Hungerford to visit him for a few days”]

Eric Claude Vardy b. 1936 [shot twice in neck and upper torso, crashed car – survived by wife Marlyne] [registered in Swindon]

Sandra Jane Hill b 1965 [aged 22, shot in Renault 5 [unmarried, formal i/d by father John, elsewhere Tony of Silverstone]

Myrtle Irene Gibbs b.1924 [wheelchair bound] [died 2 days later] [abdomen] [registered in Swindon]

Victor John Gibbs b. 1921 [aka Jack, killed instantly – chest]

Ian Francis Playle b.1953 [shot in neck, crashed car, died 2 days later in Oxford, where death was registered; clerk to the Justices in Newbury, wife and 2 children; also i/d by PC Freemantle, not family]

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Memorial for the 30 year anniversary

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  • The Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988 was passed in the wake of the incident, which bans the ownership of semi-automatic centre-fire rifles and restricts the use of shotguns with a capacity of more than three cartridges. The shootings remain one of the deadliest firearms incidents in British history.
  • The Hungerford massacre inspired Christopher Priest's novel The Extremes (1998).

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