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'''[https://hoaxsyndicate.com/ HoaxSyndicate.com]''' - formerly [[FART]]<br>
'''[https://hoaxsyndicate.com/ HoaxSyndicate.com]''' - formerly [[FART]]<br>
'''[https://anchor.fm/iamiradio Eye Am Eye Radio]''' - [[Eye Am Eye Radio]]<br>
'''[https://anchor.fm/iamiradio Eye Am Eye Radio]''' - [[Eye Am Eye Radio]]<br>
'''[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2qFxZa3UlM The Truthpack]''' - [[The Truthpack]]<br>
'''[https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqBKUe-9hfcf_FFjk10UjNw Popularity Content Podcast]''' - original simulant & willose<br>
<big>'''You can help Molly and Me create more content, share more wisdoms and help you more in these seemingly but not really difficult times,
by becoming an <u>[https://www.patreon.com/iamiradio Eye Am Eye Radio Patron]</u>!'''
Every Patron gets a special segment in every produced podcast.
Visit [[Eye Am Eye Radio]], the Podcast child of Fakeologist.com, for the latest 2020 content!</big>
<center><big><big>'''REST IN PEACE'''<br><br>'''[https://www.swoknews.com/news/accidental-death-from-blood-loss-cause-of-friday-death/article_89743149-07de-537a-840c-3fc04a00344c.html Chris Kendall (51)]'''<br>Shaman and inspirator who followed the scientific method haunting the White Coated Creeps and other Dressed Up Magicians!<br>You have made yourself immortal so you never died or will.<br>Thank you for everything Chris!</big></big><br><small>[[User:Gaia1|Gaia]] - 19 April 2020</small></center>

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We Are At War! For 10 years?

This is World War W!

There is a way out! aSHIFT.

Be prepared, then there is no need to be scared

Gaia - 19 April 2020


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