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| colspan=2 bgcolor=yellow |  
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| colspan=2 align=center | <big>'''[[Fukushima disaster]]'''</big>
| colspan=2 align=center | <big>'''[[Fukushima tsunami]]'''</big>
| colspan=2 align=center | [[File:Workers on Site (02813309).jpg|300px]]
| colspan=2 align=center | [[File:Workers on Site (02813309).jpg|300px]]

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Psyop of the day
Fukushima tsunami
Workers on Site (02813309).jpg
Type 1 nuclear scare
Type 2 environmental scare
Year 2011
Dates 03/11
Place Japan
Notes On This Day
Cluesforum - Fukushima
Also today Madrid train bombings (2004)
Linked to Chernobyl disaster (1986)
Yesterday Tomorrow
Fire bombing
of Tokyo
Trial of
John Wayne Gacy
Fakeology 9/11 Research
9/11 Main page

9/11 Vicsim Report
9/11 Analysis of Witness accounts
9/11 Narrative management

Psyop Analysis - Examples
Waco Siege (1993) - by Mark Tokarski

TWA Flight 355 (1976) - by Notsofreemason
ManUnited plane crash (1958) - by TomD27 & Xileffilex
North Hollywood shootout (1997) - by Gaia
NaZionism (1800s+) - by Gaia
Holocaust StoryJonestown massacre
Las Vegas shootingParkland school shooting
LaMia Flight 2933

Fakeology Technology Research
Conspiracy narrative Typology and examples

Military Intelligence Apparatus
History of PsyOps Technology
List of research websites

Main List of psyops
Space fakery Nuke Hoax Plane crashes
Fakeology Glossary
Elite Gender Inversion

Fakeological Research into Elite Gender Inversion (EGI)

Ball Earth Skeptic

Fakeological Research about the shape of our world

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