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Psyop of the day
Air Indiana Flight 216
Type 1 plane crash
Type 2 team DCP
Year 1977
Date 12/13
Place Indiana
(italic is official story)
Ty Van Pham
Yesterday Tomorrow
Sandy Hoax

Welcome to Fakeopedia!

  1. This site is a collaborative work in progress
  2. We want to collect a usefull body of knowledge and ressources about media fakery, science fakery and their use in psyops
  3. Our work is inspired by Fakeologist, September Clues, Hoaxbusters and many others


  1. 9/11
  2. LaMia Flight 2933 - complete psyop described with smoking gun and photo & video analysis
  3. Las Vegas
  4. 2017 Pipe bombing NYC
  1. Fakeologist
  2. Psyop

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