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Mollycast 1152
Provenance Prodding
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Host Gaia
Production Gaia
Guests CTruth, Winnie the Flu
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Series Eye Am Eye Radio
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"MP-ULTRA" "Mollycast 14"

Provenance Prodding is an episode in the Mollycast series, given the number 1152 (everything has meaning), recorded at Eye Am Eye Radio. The 1:37:49 long podcast, published on October 1, 2020, dives into the importance of historical analysis, not narrative analysis, chronology, Anatoly Fomenko, the History Hoax, education and many other topics in less detail such as the Corona Craze, aSHIFT., philosophy, and much more!

Listen to Mollycast 1152 - Provenance Prodding [ here]!

Participants are new member of Eye Am Eye Radio CTruth and Winnie the Flu and Gaia. The podcast contains samples of Gaia, CTruth, ............


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