May 2013 Boko Haram shooting

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May 2013 Boko Haram shooting
Official name May 2013 Boko Haram shooting
Year 2013
Date 05/08
Place Bama
Place Nigeria
Place West Africa
Story Perps/s Boko Haram

This worldwide media story is part of a series of incidents in Nigeria with a strong relation to the Islam/Liberalism narrative that was established with the 9/11 psyop. These events have not yet been analyzed but they are strongly suspected to be Virtual Events Portrayed As Real psyops

Official summary

Around 200 heavily armed members of Boko Haram arrived in buses and pickup trucks and carried out a coordinated strike, first hitting the army barracks and the police station before breaking into the town's prison, military spokesman Sagir Musa reported.

Musa said 22 police officers, 14 prison officials, two soldiers and four civilians were killed, while 13 of the group's own members died, in what was one of the rebel's most deadly single strikes since a 2009 uprising.

Gunmen freed 105 prisoners during the raid which began at around 5am and lasted almost five hours, Musa said. Some of the attackers were seen to be dressed in army uniforms.

Bama's police station, army barracks and government buildings were set ablaze.

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  • Cluesforum: Cluesforum - It would seem that "BOKO HARAM" specializes in terror attacks that leave 50 dead[CF 1]


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