Mollycast 14.1 - aSHIFT. - the World of Maskedness

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Mollycast 14.1
aSHIFT. - the World of Maskedness
Chia rising over the Eastern Hills, Bogotá.jpg
Host Gaia
Production Gaia
Guests Ab the Fakeologist, Molly, Gaia, Laura,
Willose, Tank, Don Moreno (RIP),
Winnie the Flu, Ophallus, Dingo,
Adam Curry, Take No Gnosis, Farcevalue,
Edu, Ashelloooo, Harambe
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Series Eye Am Eye Radio
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"aRISE." "Mollycast 14"

aSHIFT. - the World of Maskedness is the 14.1st episode in the Mollycast Intro for Free, Podcast for Patrons only series at Eye Am Eye Radio. The 6:33 long podcast intro is free for all, the podcast for Patrons only, published on October 5, 2020, covers a variety of views of the Corona Craze, World War W, Purpose, meaning, Fakeology, Xileffelix, Patreon support, Howard Stern, Artie Lange< Rollocoaster in Colombia - Out of Breath - Car or No Car?, aSHIFT., philosophy, CORONA Test live testimony from Spain, and much more!

Listen to Mollycast 14.1 - aSHIFT. - the World of Maskedness [ here]!

Participants are new member of Eye Am Eye Radio Tank and Willose and Gaia. The podcast contains samples of Gaia, Ashelloooo, Rollo, Willose, Original Simulant, Tank, Popularity Content Podcast, Radio Oranje, and Artorius.


♥ Headhunterz & Wildstylez & Noisecontrollers - World of Madness
♥ Headhunterz & Zatox - The Perfect Weapon
♥ Noisecontrollers - Ctrl.Alt.Delete
♥ The Builder - Her Voice

You can help Molly and Me create more content, share more wisdoms and help you more in these seemingly but not really difficult times, by becoming an Eye Am Eye Radio Patron!


  • Full podcast will be about 3:30:00 long....
  • With 5 new Patrons, there will be a full podcast released, it is up to the fans!

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