New World Order

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The New World Order is a common term used in conspiracy theory cycles.




I have wondered about this term and its use. Usually the term is used with the accent on the last word New World ORDER, suggesting a kind of "order" in the world. Another use would be to stress the second word New WORLD order, which suggests the idea of a one world government. As governments are nothing more than fronts and do not have real power, I see it as unnecessary and food for conspiracy theories taking the perpetraitors seriously. Same for NEW World Order, which would mean there was an old world order too.

I think a better use would be to stress the first two words together NEW WORLD Order. The New World refers to the Americas in general terms and obviously the US has taken the path of creating power structures everywhere on Earth; military bases, infiltration, technological "advancement", etc. What separates the New World, and especially North America, from the Old World is the presence of republics versus monarchies. Also in monarchies there was no "the King/Queen rules them all", but clearly there was a much more pyramidal structure of power in the old feodalism world. The New World, especially the US, uses "democracy" as a front for "just doing the same business, but creating more confusion and a sense of trust for the people in their governments".


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