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Piece of Mindful
Research blog
Owner Mark Tokarski
Contributor 1 steve kelly
Contributor 2 Maarten Rossaert
Contributor 3 Tyrone McCloskey
Start 11/20, 2013
Link Pieceofmindful.com

Piece of Mindful (Pieceofmindful.com) is a blog adminstered by Mark Tokarski with as writers Steve Kelly (since 2017), Maarten Rossaert and Tyrone McCloskey (both since 2016).


The blog was started in 2006 by Tokarski and his son, and covered a wide range of topics of mainstream interest for many years, and with low readership. His son stopped contributing after a couple of hundred posts, and Tokarski carried forward thorough late 2015 in a more or less mainstream fashion, with some posts about the Kennedy Assassination and 9/11 and a few other "rabbit hole" type topics, including support for Dr. Judy Wood, who Tokarski thought at the time was a genuine 9/11 critic and researcher.

Sometime in late 2015 or early 2016, Tokarski stumbled on a YouTube video claiming that the Sharon Tate massacre of 1969 was a fake event. That video has long been taken down by YouTube, but in it the creator gave credit for his findings to an obscure artist named Miles W. Mathis. Tokarski, some time later, visited the Mathis website, and was incredulous. It made no sense that major events like that could be faked, and yet Mathis broached not only that topic, but the Lincoln Assassination, the death of Stephen Hawking and replacement by an actor, and most importantly, the JFK assassination, which he claimed was fake.

"But what about the Parkland doctors?" he asked Mathis on first email contact, and he learned that they were part of it.

Meet with Miles Mathis

Later Tokarski would prove to himself that the morgue photos of JFK were fake. But he was not sure about Mathis - was this guy a spook himself? A limited hangout? Mathis at that time offered an annual seminar in late summer, and so Tokarski went to Taos, New Mexico in August of 2016 and met Miles W. Mathis. His take, after one week of meetings ... the man is quite real, genuine, even nice and funny, and indeed is the author of the volumes of research on his website. To his liking, during the week he was in the same rooms with large paintings, beautifully done, some of nudes. The whole week was a treat.

Mathis would later distance himself from the Piece of Mindful blog due to some low quality research on twins and "zombies," or people who fake their deaths and reappear later as a new personality. As a result, Tokarski cleaned up the blog content, backed away from twins ("Who cares?”) and clings to a few zombies against critics who disbelieve him.

On Dave McGowan

Much of the early work in 2015 forward stemmed from a book by author Dave McGowan, who Tokarski thinks is both a spook and who faked his death (DCP) (11/22/15). The book was called "Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon," and chronicled the careers and premature deaths of perhaps seventy rock stars and actors in Los Angeles in the late sixties and early seventies. Those deaths, Tokarski told his colleague "Straight," a writer since departed from the blog, cannot be real. Young people do not die in those numbers in war zones! Here we had a relatively small group of people, musicians in Los Angeles, and they were dying off like there was a plague. Something else was going on, and McGowan was misleading everyone. According to McGowan, every death was real (except perhaps Jim Morrison of the Doors). McGowan had not done even the most basic of research, such as checking with the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), which was at that time more open and accessible to the general public.

Tokarski and Straight did the homework, and found only a few on the deaths listed on SSDI, perhaps 15 of 70. And even those were suspicious due to embedded "spook markers" in Social Security numbers.

Tyrone McCloskey, Maarten Rossaert & Steve Kelly

What then became of these musicians? Tokarski had no idea, but started on the premise that they were simply moved from the public eye to desk jobs in various embassies, or the like. Much to his surprise, a blog commenter, Tyrone McCloskey, suggested that he look into the unusual resemblance between a singer who "died" in 1966, Bobby Fuller, and the Fox news commentator, Bill O'Reilly. Using primitive technology (face splits) he judged them to be the same, and would later do a more thorough analysis with Photoshop facial overlays showing that the resemblance was strikingly and uncannily strong. Later he would find other "dead musicians" alive and well, including Janis Joplin (actually a set of twins), Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly and Freddie Mercury.

Tokarski asked other writers aboard, and three accepted, McCloskey (whose very long and interesting JFKTV piece was converted to HMTL for use on Piece of Mindful), Maarten Rossaert and Steve Kelly. Each brings a different and lively perspective, none married to Tokarski's outlook. McCloskey is a witty and insightful writer who brings his movie background to the fore; Rossaert tends towards issues of personal fascination like nutrition and music (ear worms, to be precise); Kelly is an outdoor writer and environmental activist of many years standing in Montana. In a newly revamped blog format, all are easily accessed and assume top and center page on a click.

Josh & Straight

Two other writers who accepted and then left were Josh, who went on to start his own blog, Cutting Through the Fog, and Straightfromthedevilsmouth ("Straight"), who formed a blog by that name and has since distanced himself from Piece of Mindful findings on fake events and deaths.

Tokarski and the other writers are always open and welcoming of new writers with new ideas. Tokarski emphasizes that while the work is indeed hard, the techniques of research are accessible to everyone - merely search for contradictions and signs of spook involvement in any event. There are no contradictions in nature, and he and others have learned that "spooks" or intelligence agents, for unknown reasons, leave a signature on their work.

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