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For Further Information See: PsyOps : Narrative management

Prescriptive programming is a term introduced by Kham in a discussion about 9/11.[ab 1] She stated that the term predictive programming is not accurately describing the movies, series episodes and other artistic productions prior to 9/11, which aim to subliminally prepare the public perception for the upcoming event. These productions do not predict the event, they do actually display essential parts of the script of the event. Kham concludes therefore that these productions prior to the event pre-scribe the narrative, that will be propagandized by the media as the "truth" about the event - namely the script of the psyop.

Not all psyops have such an extended prescriptive period as 9/11 and some do not have one at all. In the case of 9/11, the prescriptive programming lasted as long as the buildings themselves. Therefore the influence on the public perception was severe and might be viewed as one of the reasons that allowed the perpetrators to mislead the public. On the other hand, based on the existing material of that prescriptive period, it may become possible one day to draw information about the preparatory period of 9/11 and the involved entities.

In order to control the 9/11 hoax narrative over generations, the perpetrators produce cultural artifacts, movies, literature, news and memorials which are based of the script of the 9/11 psyop. For that period we use the term post programming. The post programming of the 9/11 psyop is an important part of the management and in no way a spontaneous reaction of media, academia, political or other public institutions.

On the page Narrative management we try to collect material, recognize patterns and describe the organisational structure of the prescriptive programming and post programming of the 9/11 psyop.

Examples of prescriptive programming of psyops

Prescriptive programming, Post programming other psyops
Year Title Referencing event Notes
1990 The Simpsons 3-eyed fish nuclear power plant, nuclear scare [1]
1993 The Simpsons Tiger attack, Las Vegas (2003) [1]
1994 The Simpsons Average Joe Astronot (2010), Oliver Knight (2013) [1]
1995 The Simpsons Ebola medical scare (2014) [1][MSM 1]
1998 The Simpsons God particle (2012) [MSM 1]
1999 The Simpsons Nuclear power plant, Nuclear scare, Fukushima disaster (2011) [1]
2005 Family Guy Kevin Spacey scandal (2017) [2]
2007 The Simpsons NSA spying, Edward Snowden release through Wikileaks (2013) [1][MSM 1]
2009 Knowing Deepwater Horizon oil spill (2010)
2012 Family Guy Death of Robin Williams (2014) [2]
2012 Family Guy Bruce Jenner (2015) [2]
2012 The Simpsons Debt default Greece (2015) [MSM 1]
2013 Family Guy Boston Bombings (2013) [2]
2013 Family Guy Death of Paul Walker (2013), 6 days later [2]
2014 The Simpsons FIFA scandal (2015) [1][MSM 1]

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