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PsyOps are conspiracy narratives. They are designed to fulfill multiple objectives but in all their facettes we recognize one common element, the element of suspicion.

Psyops are not designed to conceil but to provide multiple layers of contradictory information which raises suspicion about the various questions of the public perception.

In the following lines and generally in the fakeopedia we try to interpret, to recontextualize the psyop narratives using the clues they provide and transfering them into a frame of interpretation that allows us to recognize the targets of these narratives and the power they enforce upon us as long as we accept them.

The following terms and categories are a first approach to the thematic of psyop analysis and they represent the status of knowledge of the author. The discussion is ongoing.

Psyops are conceptualized withing a frame narrative which we call grand narrative. The grand narrative is in itself also a result of multiple parameters, political, financial, ideological etc. while it represents the status quo of the balance of powers in a specific historic moment.

All psyops lean more or less on a specific grand narrative, sometimes even on more than one, in order to produce the necessary comprehensibility of the psyop.

Transhumanism narrative

Evolution narrative

Human races narrative

Territorial control narrative

Jewism-Antisemitism narrative

Communism/Liberalism narrative

Islam/Liberalism narrative

Space narrative

Social space control

Nature control narrative

Nuclear narrative

Mobility control narrative

Performance patterns of psyops

Special fakeological types