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Current number of CNN online memorial: 4097

Basic Information

Name:	Roko Camaj
Age:	60
Residence:	Manhasset, NY, United States
Occupation: 	janitorial, window cleaner, ABM Industries
Location: 	World Trade Center, Tower 2, 105th floor
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Updated: 	September 9, 2003


  • Roko Camaj allegedly died on the 105th floor of WTC2 after one of the many “phone calls” to his wife Katrina.

  • Roko Camaj allegedly participates in video documentary from 2001-01-24 about the Twin Towers. (00:08:45)

  • Discussion about if Roko Camaj was a real person or not on Cluesforum

  • Research by Xilefilex about the adult children and other family members of Roko Camaj
Short notes:
Interview with Vincent/Vinny Camaj (alleged son). In this docu appears also Roko Camaj allegedly filmed in October 2000. He states that he is 69 years old and that he has become grandfather.

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