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Conspiracy narrative
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The term conspiracy narrative describes the Fakeological hypothesis that conspiracy theories within the discours of Psychological Operations are not naturally occuring effects triggered by the PsyOp but professionally designed and managed integral, structural and strategic constituents of psyOps.

The Military Intelligence Apparatus has at their command the nessecary infrastructure, technology, resources and funds, to guarantee the maintenance of conspiracy narratives over decades, as the examples of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy and the 9/11 psyOp show evidently.


1. Conspiracy narratives are designed to prevent, inhibit, prohibit the identification of what really happens, who did it, what the motivation was, what the aims were;

2. Conspiracy narratives prepare the conditions to expand the impact of the psyOp within the society by producing material goods, amusement articles, music, films, entertainment, etc. based on the content of the conspiracy narratives;

3. Based on the content of conspiracy narratives changes and transformations within the societal institutions can be realized, e.g. laws, rights, arts, educational curricula, etc.; The changes appear to be consequences but in reality they are the aims of the psyop narrative.

4. Conspiracy narratives have as a result to establish better conditions for the Dispositiv of Power. Better conditions are e.g. symbolic or territorial privileges, concentration of legislative or executive powers, access to resources, etc., culminating in the State of Exception and the totalitarian governance after the psyOp 9/11.


Event conspiracy narratives

Event conspiracy narratives aim to disinform, deceive, manipulate and alter the public perception about a Military Psychological operation which appears as an event or a series of connected events. Examples: JFK assassination, 9/11, Apollo program. See: List of psyops.

Discours conspiracy narratives

Discours conspiracy narratives aim to dominate, shift, alter or exchange the characteristics of the discours in a particular field of social life, private life, work, knowledge, etc.. Examples: Space travel, serial killers, Transhumanism Agenda.



Year Date Type 1 Type 2 Official Name Perp/Group Description
1872 12/05 shipping psyops mystery psyops Mystery of Mary Celeste Complete crew of the ship Mary Celeste disappears in the Atlantic Ocean, never to be found again. [ab 2]


Year Date Type 1 Type 2 Official Name Perp/Group Description
1969 08/08 serial killer psyops DCP psyops Tate murders Charles Manson "The Manson Family" murders involving actress Sharon Tate in California. [CF 2] [HB 1] [MM 1] [2]


Year Date Type 1 Type 2 Official Name Perp/Group Description
1853 01/06 train crash Bennie Piece train disaster Franklin Pierce 11 year old son of Franklin Pierce, later 14th president of the US, killed in suspicious train crash in Massachusetts. [ab 3], [MSM 1]


Year Date Type 1 Type 2 Official Name Perp/Group Description
1962 10/14 nuclear weapons psyops geopolitical psyops Cuban missile crisis Regarded as the moment in which the Cold War came closest to turning into a nuclear weapons conflict. [HB 2], [MM 2]


Year Date Type 1 Type 2 Official Name Perp/Group Description
1972 09/05 HRDPAR psyops muslim scare psyops Munich massacre Black September Palestinian terrorist group Black September attack Olympic Games Israelis in Munich, West-Germany [5]


Year Date Type 1 Type 2 Official Name Perp/Group Description
2006 10/04 propaganda, controlled opposition geopolitical, legend WikiLeaks Julian Assange [ab 4] [CF 3] [MM 3] [MSM 2]
[MSM 3]


Year Date Type 1 Type 2 Official Name Perp/Group Description
1922 11/04 archeology history Discovery of Tutankhamen Howard Carter Discovery of the sarcophagus and golden death mask in the tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt. [ab 5] [HB 3] [7]
[MSM 4]


Year Date Type 1 Type 2 Official Name Perp/Group Description
2009 01/15 plane psyops miracle Hudson Hoax "Hero" pilot lands in Hudson River, 2016 movie with Tommie Hanks (Zal rule). [CF 4]


Year Date Type 1 Type 2 Official Name Perp/Group Description
1958 02/06 plane psyops DCP Manchester United Munich plane crash Busby Babes [ab 6]
[ab 7] [MSM 5]



Alienland is a fakeological informal term, which is used to describe unscientific, absurd, surreal, fictitious narratives that are based on science fiction literature or other fictional stories but are used as part of psyop narratives, in order to explain elements of the psyop.
Examples: Alien bases on the moon hinder the continuation of the exploration of the moon while in fact there have never been any real explorations on the moon, because this is simply not possible. Another example: Alien races have taken over the governement of the US and the US have to pay tribute to them because they are obliged through contracts, which they have signed in order to save the planet. Other examples: Bloodlines of alien races, abductions of humans by aliens, and many more. The theme is very successful in creating entertainment products and has since its kickoff with the psyop of Roswell[MSM 6], New Mexico, July 1947 created a whole new cluster of entertainment.

Controlled opposition

Based on the dialectic of warfare which dominates our world, all aspects of life are viewed as part of a confrontative pair. In order to control both parts of the dialectic, the Military Intelligence Apparatus produces both parts of the narrative and manages them till their objectives are fullfilled. The related narratives can trigger strong emotions and capture the imagination of the public as they refer to Historical narratives used for centuries to trigger identification, engagement, solidarity, rebellion, progress. Controlled opposition narratives are actively implemented to create - or support creating - a false opposition in a field of interest of the MIA in order to prohibit real opposition.

New World Order

The so called new world order is one of the mythological elements that is used by the Military Intelligence Apparatus to obscure the real powerstructure. It has been implemented by literary works, such as the Animal Farm[MSM 7] and multiple music[MSM 8] and movie[MSM 9] productions. The New World Order narrative was implemented through controlled opposition structures such as the militant right or the fundamentalist Christianity.

Mind control

The term mind control refers to one of the most powerful psyops of the Military Intelligence Apparatus of the last century. It is based on the psychiatric rationalization and departmentalization of the "psyche" of the human being. Portraying the human psyche as a separated entity that can be analyzed and interpreted in the same terms as any other object, it conceptualized a human being which is complementary to and the main target of mediated propaganda - while it popularized mystery, fascination and tragedy as contrasting ideations of a dark reality which this same vulnerable psyche had escaped. Its impact on the behaviour of the new consumerism society included old style propaganda (in regards to political behaviour), marketing analysis (in regards to the creation of new "needs" and new "products" for that needs), as well as psychiatric or psychological instruments of separation (in regards to the creation of new "mental disorders", "abnormal behavior", "criminal intents" etc.).

Lone gunman

The lone gunman theme has its roots in the conception of the masculine human being by the Military Apparatus in the era prior to the symbolic technologies. The subjectivity of the masculine human being was defined as an operative element of that same apparatus and its whole selfconsciousness was nurished by its use for the military machine. The importance of the position of that subject of the war machine, was dimisnished with the tranfer of the territorial power to the symbolic media technologies in the second half of the 20th century. The lone gunman constitutes a desperately romantic but empty subject without objectives or meaning, which have all been lost in the passing of its own historical time, and the most it is able to activate is the memory of other lone gunman figures of the fictitious past. Therefore the figure lone gunman can be used in a variety of psyop narratives without blurring or distorting the objectives of the psyop.

Secret societies

Often combined with secret knowledge, secret places, secret technologies etc. Secret society is a non-sense term, because societies are symbolic bondings in mediated public spheres while secrecy presupposes the negation of the notion of the public and approves the notion of an opaque structure.

The term is promoted by professional intelligence outlets and it has become to signify that the world is being controlled by one or more group/s that use their power in complete and concealed secrecy. And this the same moment, that these alleged secret societies are massively promoted in the mass mainstream and alternative media as secret.

The theme is very successful and powerful as it appeals to the immanent desire of human beings to feel connected with the mystery of existence, as well as their natural given curiosity for the unknown which has been a motivational factor for all technological development.



The power to fascinate someone or the state of being fascinated by someone or something is a human potency which has inspired religious concepts, forms of coexistence and creation as well as destruction and negation. Although the term is often used with a positive connotation, it derrives from the source as the term Fascism, a political concept of governance based on the rule of fear. The origins of the term are from a Roman symbol of judicial authority consisting of a bundle of wooden sticks, with an axe blade embedded in the centre; The wooden sticks were called fasces. The fasces symbolized punishment by whipping, the axe-head execution by beheading. Hence in Latin it also meant, figuratively, high office, supreme power.

The term fascination therefore signifies both the potency to create and to destruct having as its origin fear in both cases. This potency is what defines so called art, but it is also used as an ingredient of concepts of manipulation, confusion and psychic immobilizaiton of others. In that latter form fascination becomes of interest for the field of psyops. It constitutes one of the tools to capture and immobilize the attention of the observer of an event or the consumer of a product that has been designed precicely for that reason.

As an informal feature of conspiracy narratives fascination is used in a specific form, that combines fear and attraction.




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