Sydney Hilton Hotel bombing

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Sydney Hilton Hotel bombing
Commonwealth Coat of Arms of Australia
Coat of Arms of Australia
Official name Sydney Hilton Hotel bombing
Year 1978
Date 02/13
Place Hilton Hotel
Place Sydney
Place Australia
Story Perps/s Unknown

Official summary

The Sydney Hilton bombing occurred on 13 February 1978, when a bomb exploded outside the Hilton Hotel in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. At the time the hotel was the site of the first Commonwealth Heads of Government Regional Meeting, a regional offshoot of the biennial meetings of the heads of government from across the Commonwealth of Nations.

The bomb was planted in a rubbish bin and exploded when the bin was emptied into a garbage truck outside the hotel at 12:40 a.m. It killed two garbage collectors, Alec Carter and William Favell. A police officer guarding the entrance to the hotel lounge, Paul Birmistriw, died later. It also injured eleven others.

The Hilton case has been highly controversial due to allegations that Australian security forces, such as the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), may have been responsible. The federal government refused to hold an inquiry.

After the bombing, the NSW inquiry was never held, and the Commonwealth increased support for the anti-terrorism activities of the intelligence services.

In June 1978, members of the Ananda Marga organisation were implicated by a police informant, Richard John Seary, but his evidence has been discredited.

Fakeology Analysis


  • Period of social and political turmoil after the “Canberra Coup” of November 1975
  • 1976: trade unions call Australia’s first-ever general strike against the dismantling of the health scheme.
  • The bombing became a vehicle for the government to implement the greatest expansion of powers and resources of the police-intelligence apparatus since World War II




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  • Ben Hills: The Hilton Fiasco[MSM 1]


Territorial control narrative

Social space control


geopolitical psyops

bombing psyops

HRDPAR psyops

Alleged victims

  • Alex Carter, garbage collector
  • William Favell, garbage collector
  • Paul Birmistriw (police officer)

Hoax management


A new plaque was unveiled at the site of the explosion in George Street on 13 February 2008, the 30th anniversary of the blast.

(1)Sydney Hilton Bombing plaque



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