Trolling Right In Our Muddled Faces

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Trolling Right In Our Muddled Faces (TRIOMF) is an acronym used when the perps or psyopaths are revealing the truth while trolling, consciously or not. The use of language ("taking place on the world stage", "photos painting a picture", "based on a true story", etc.), clear revelations of truth ("we cannot go through the Van Allen Belts"), or the use of trolling names ("Joker Tsarnaev", "A. Frade", many more) are examples of TRIOMF.


  • the gay bar meeting place of the SA in Munich called Bratwurstglockl (1930s)[1]
  • Joker (Dzokhar) Tsarnaev of the Boston Bombings (2013)
  • A. Frade, vicsim under the bus of the Westminster car attack (2017)

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