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| colspan=2 align=center | <big>'''TWA Flight 355'''</big>
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| colspan=2 align=center | [[File:Boeing_727-31,_Trans_World_Airlines_(TWA)_JP6286708.jpg|250px]]
| <small>[[Psyop#Types|Type 1]]</small> || [[hijacking]], [[bombing]]
| <small></small> || [[separatism]]
| <small>Year</small> || align=center | [[:Category:1976 psyops|1976]]
| <small>Date</small> || align=center | [[:Category:09/10 psyops|10]], [[:Category:09/11 psyops|11]], [[:Category:09/12 psyops|09/12]]
| <small>Place</small> || [[:Category:Psyops in New York City|New York City]]
| <small>Numbers</small> || [[:Category:9 numerology|9]], [[:Category:11 numerology|11]], [[:Category:33 numerology|33]]
| <small>[[Perp]]s<br>(''italic'' is official story)</small> || [[Julienne Bušić]]
| colspan=2 align=center | '''Linked to'''
| • <small>[[Operation Entebbe]] (1976)</small> || • <small>[[Air France Flight 8969]] (1994)</small>
| <small>[[Programming]]</small> || [[9/11]] (2001)<br>[[MH17]] (2014)
| <small>[[Zal rule]] (book)</small> || ''Lovers and Madmen''
| colspan=2 align=center | '''Information'''
| [[Fakeologist.com|Fakeologist]] || align=center | <ref name=FakeologistAC402 group="ab">[http://fakeologist.com/blog/2017/12/14/fac402-much-masonry/ Fakeologist.com - Audio Chat 402]</ref><ref name=FakeologistTWA355 group="ab">[http://fakeologist.com/blog/2017/12/22/the-four-horses-asses-of-the-apocalypse-9-11-1976-twa-355-hijacking-fake-bombs-and-terrorist-love-triangle/ Fakeologist.com - TWA Flight 355]</ref>
| <small>[[Thefauxagenda.blogspot.com]]</small> || align=center | <ref name=TheFauxAgendaTWA355>[http://thefauxagenda.blogspot.com.co/2018/01/911-1976-twa-355-hijacking-fake-bombs.html 9/11 1976 TWA 355 hijacking, fake bombs, and terrorist love triangle] - [[Thefauxagenda.blogspot.com|The Faux Agenda]]</ref>
'''TWA Flight 355''' was a [[hijacking]] and [[bombing]] [[psyop]], taking place from September 10 to September 12, 1976. The story involved a flight where Croatian independence fighters hijacked a plane, wanted it to drop flyers and then the female hijacker fell in love. During the hijacking, they planted a bomb at Grand Central Terminal, found a, police attempted to dismantle it rather than detonate it. They then returned to the pit to continue dismantling the device when it exploded and killed an officer, Brian Murray. Julienne Bušić wrote a book named ''Lovers and Madmen'' about the hijacking and her love for the head of operation.

== Official story ==
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| • TWA Flight 355 was a domestic Trans World Airlines flight which was hijacked on September 10-12, in 1976 by five "Fighters for Free Croatia", a group seeking Croatian independence from Yugoslavia.<br>
• The Boeing 727, TWA 355 took off from New York's LaGuardia Airport and was headed to O'Hare International Airportin Chicago. The hijackers were Slobodan Vlašić, Zvonko Bušić, his wife Julienne Bušić, Petar Matanić, and Frane Pešut. The hijackers claimed to have a bomb as they seized control of the plane in the 95th minute of its flight; the alleged bomb on board was actually a pressure cooker.<br>
• The group redirected the plane to Montreal's Mirabel International Airport where they refueled and told officials that they had planted a bomb in a locker at Grand Central Terminal and gave them instructions on finding it. They demanded that an appeal to the American people concerning Croatia's independence be printed in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, and the International Herald Tribune. The hijackers also demanded that pamphlets be printed detailing the alleged persecution of their fellow countrymen, and that these be dropped by other aircraft flown over Chicago, Montreal, New York City, London and Paris. Nearly all of their demands were met. The plane was then flown to Gander, Newfoundland, where 35 of its passengers were released. From there the plane was accompanied by a larger TWA plane which guided it to Reykjavík, Iceland. The hijackers' initial European destination was London, but the British government refused them permission to land.<br>
• During the hijacking the device at Grand Central Terminal was found and taken to Rodman's Neck Firing Range where police attempted to dismantle it rather than detonate it. After setting a cutting instrument on the two wires attached to the device, the officers retreated from the pit for several minutes. They then returned to the pit to continue dismantling the device when it exploded and killed an officer, Brian Murray, and wounded another, Terrence McTigue on the morning of September 11th.<br>
• The plane landed in Paris where the hijackers surrendered after a 12-hour standoff on Sunday, Sept. 12 after direct talks with U.S. ambassador Kenneth Rush, and their supposedly explosive devices were revealed to be fakes.
| align=center | Wikipedia<ref name=WikipediaTWA355 group="MSM">[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TWA_Flight_355 Wikipedia - TWA Flight 355]</ref><ref name=NYPostTWA355 group="MSM">[https://nypost.com/2017/09/28/the-true-story-of-a-cops-forgotten-911-death-from-1976/ New York Post - True story of a cops forgotten 9/11, deaths from 1976]</ref>
== Analysis ==
[[File:Zvonko_Bu%C5%A1i%C4%87-grudska_ve%C4%8Der_ZG_2009.jpg|thumb|thumb|300px|Julienne Bušić and her husband Zvonko (2009)]]
=== [[User:Notsofreemason|Notsofreemason]] ===
Richard Brockman was reportedly one of the passengers of flight 355 and he is credited in a 1976 article in The Atlantic to have written this account in his journal during the hijacking:
"This is the captain speaking." His voice is clean, no cracks. "We have all been through an incredible experience. But it is over for us. No one is hurt. However, it is not over for our hijackers. Their ordeal is just beginning. They have a cause. They are brave, committed people. Idealistic, dedicated people. Like the people who helped to shape our country. They are trying to do the same for theirs. I think we should all give them a hand." I look around me. The hijackers are smiling. The audience is applauding. It has come full turn.We arrive at the theater. Stop clapping, you fools. The cadence continues. Tinker. Tailor. Actor. Fool. Let me out of here. Open the gate. Please let me out of here. No, the last curtain call.It is the oily-skinned one (Busic). "We are going to give ourselves up, and take our cause to the United Nations. To be tried by the peoples of the world. Last rites. A nightmare on stage. Boys come of age. Have a drink."<ref name=Atlantic1 group="MSM">[https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1976/12/notes-while-being-hijacked/305490/ The Atlantic - Notes while being hijacked]</ref>
:* Applause for terrorists, REALLY???
As the police took Julienne Bušić away, the plane's pilot gave her a hug in gratitude for her calming of the passengers during the hijacking.<ref name=WikipediaTWA355 group="MSM"/>
:* ...Come on...
When it was all over the hijackers pulled apart their “bombs," including some attached like a bulky necklace around the neck of one. and distributed chunks to the passengers as souvenirs. <ref name=CDNC1 group="MSM">[https://cdnc.ucr.edu/cgi-bin/cdnc?a=d&d=DS19760913.2.4 CDNC - title]</ref>
:* Exit thru the gift shop
The fake pressure cooker bomb was given to one of the crew members as a souvenir.<ref name=TWASeniorsClub group="MSM">[http://www.twaseniorsclub.org/memories/contrails/twa355hijacked.html TWA355 Hijacked]</ref>
:* ...If one or two bombs were fake then maybe, just maybe, they all were.
In March of 1979, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme (best known as a member of the infamous "[[Manson family]]" and also famous for allegedly attempting to assassinate U.S. President Gerald Ford in 1975 for which she was sentenced to life imprisonment) attacked Julienne Busic while in prison. Squeaky hit Busic in the head with the claw end of a hammer and she received 15 months added to her sentence.<ref name=CieloDrive group="MSM">[http://www.cielodrive.com/lynette-fromme.php Cielo Drive - Lynette Fromme]</ref><ref name=IPFS group="MSM">[https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmXoypizjW3WknFiJnKLwHCnL72vedxjQkDDP1mXWo6uco/wiki/Julienne_Bu%C5%A1i%C4%87.html IPFS - Julienne Busic]</ref>
:* Nothing like a Manson Family tie-in.
Kathleen Murray Moran’s heart sank when the camera began panning Grand Central Terminal and she saw her husband in his NYPD vest, removing what appeared to be a harmless shopping bag from one of the lockers.<ref name=NYPostTWA355 group="MSM"/> Kathleen Murray Moran told NPR "On the screen, I watch as he lifts a Macy's shopping bag, then he laid a blanket on the ground. And he and his partner placed the shopping bag on the blanket and then clipped the blanket to a pole (rod). And the two of them lifted the pole (rod) to their shoulders and walked out of sight."<ref name=NPR group="MSM">[https://www.npr.org/2015/05/08/405191525/the-hijackers-letter NPR - The Hijackers letter]</ref> The cameras didn’t show Murray and his unit bringing the bomb back to the department range at Rodman's Neck in The Bronx, where three officers — including her husband — began defusing it. It exploded shortly before 1 AM on September 11. At a wrongful-death trial, Murray Moran learned her husband had been killed by a piece of the bomb that sliced his neck. But she lost her lawsuit to learn why the bomb had detonated.<ref name=NYPostTWA355 group="MSM"/>
:* .....So the man who carried the bomb out on a rod had his neck severed at Rodman's Neck??? On 9/11??? So goes the narrative.
Kathleen Murray Moran ended up corresponding with Julie Busic for three years, writing to the convict both before and after she was paroled from prison in 1989. The two women shared 50 letters between them, Murray Moran said. Kathleen Murray Moran admitted being attracted not only by the Oregon-born Busic’s blond looks but also by her strange story. “I knew it made no sense, but my appetite for Julie’s letters and their intensity felt almost sexual in nature,” Murray Moran revealed in her memoir. “She wrote like a lover, crawling back to me, and sometimes I found I had memorized lines of her letters without meaning to."<ref name=NYPostTWA355 group="MSM"/> Murray Moran said, she wrote a letter to the parole board to help get Julie released. Julie Busic had told her she was divorcing Zvonko and wanted to start a fresh life. Kathleen Murray Moran told NPR Radio in a interview, "I decided to write to the parole board to set her free.". She also told the host of her lunch date with Busic after she had been paroled, "She didn't look like she had been in prison for 13 years. She took me into an embrace, and she said, oh, my God, you're so beautiful. I thought to myself, no I'm not, you are, you know?"<ref name=NPR group="MSM"/>
:* ...So the widow of the sole victim in this "terrorist attack" falls in homosexual love with the "terrorist" who kills her husband and she also seeks to release her from prison??? Sure, why not?
Upon parole Julienne Busic was given the title adviser by the Croatian Ambassador to the United States, Petar Sarcevic, and entrusted with handling much of the embassy's cultural and press affairs. She participated in meetings last month of Croatia's Defense Minister, Gojko Susak, with American reporters about the war in Bosnia.<ref name=NYTBond group="MSM"/>
:* Cultural and press affairs translates to "[[propaganda]]".
Zvonko Busic's sister, Zdravka Busic, was appointed personal secretary of President Tudjman, of Croatia.<ref name=NYTBond group="MSM">[http://www.nytimes.com/1994/12/19/nyregion/a-strange-bond-officer-s-widow-and-air-hijacker.html?pagewanted=all New York Times - A strange bond officer's widow and air hijacker]</ref>
:* Must have lied on her application, right?
A FOIA request for the records of Bruno Busic, the Croatian dissident nationalist and the manifesto writer for the hijackers of TWA-355; as well as cousin of highjacker Zvonko Busic has been released. In one of the documents released which is titled "New Trials in Yugoslavia May Point Finger at CIA" is a single page from the 21 September 1972 Eastern Europe Intelligencer in which the CIA reported that Bruno Busic was on trial, accused of working with “unspecified foreign intelligence service,” and they stated that "although CIA is not mentioned by name, the implication is clear" which in the case of Busic meant the CIA.<ref name=CIA group="MSM">[https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP79B00864A001200020060-1.pdf CIA report (PDF)]</ref><ref name=EncycloTerror group="MSM">[http://www.encyclopedias6.com/encyclopedia-of-terrorism/20453-twa-flight-355-hijacking.html Encyclopedia of Terrorism - TWA Flight 355 hijacking]</ref>
:* The author of the pamphlet to be spread was written by dudes CIA linked cousin, keep it in the family.
There was apparently a photographer on board TWA 355 who had access to the cockpit and was permitted to photograph the mastermind, Zvonko Busic.
:* Need an image to sell the sizzle.
The incident occurred on the same day as the Zagreb mid-air collision, which to date remains Croatia's worst air disaster when 2 planes collided in mid-air.<ref name=WikipediaTWA355 group="MSM"/>
:* Co-inky-Dink?
There are '''''conflicting''' reports on the '''count''' of the passengers'' of Flight 355, ranging from 41 passengers including 5 hijackers,<ref name=WikipediaTWA355 group="MSM"/> 86 passengers,<ref name=Atlantic1 group="MSM"/> 80 passengers,<ref name=NYTBond group="MSM"/> 81 passengers,<ref name=EncycloTerror group="MSM"/> all the way to 85 passengers and seven crew members.<ref name=TheSop group="MSM">[http://thesop.org/story/law/2008/07/25/croatian-hijacker-deported-by-ice.php The Sop - Croatian hijacker deported by ice]</ref>
Zvonko Busic was granted parole in July 2008 after 32 years in prison, on the condition that he leave the United States. He and Julie moved back to his homeland and was hailed a hero of the country’s struggle for statehood.<ref name=Cleveland group="MSM">[http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2013/09/skyjacker_zvonko_busic_one-tim.html Cleveland.com - Skyjacker Zvonko Busic]</ref> But on Sept. 1, 2013, Zvonko committed suicide at the age of 67 by shooting himself at his home. Mr. Busic was active in politics after he returned to Croatia. On Wednesday, in Zagreb, the capital, prominent Croatian politicians joined hundreds of others in giving him a hero’s funeral.<ref name=NYTBond group="MSM"/>
:* ...Dude lasts just short of '''33''' years in prison, gets released and welcomed as a hero in the country that he helped to free and then kills himself??? If they say so, I guess.
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* First photo analysis. <ref name=TheFauxAgendaTWA355/>
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*  [[List of psyops]]
** [[JAT Flight 367]] (1976)
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