TWA Flight 355

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TWA Flight 355
Boeing 727-31, Trans World Airlines (TWA) JP6286708.jpg
Year 1976
Date 10, 11, 09/12
Place New York City
Perps Julienne Bušić
Fakeologist [ab 1][ab 2] [1]

TWA Flight 355 was a flight where Croatian independence fighters hijacked a plane, wanted it to drop flyers and then the female hijacker fell in love. During the hijacking, they planted a bomb at Grand Central Terminal, found a, police attempted to dismantle it rather than detonate it. They then returned to the pit to continue dismantling the device when it exploded and killed an officer, Brian Murray. Julienne Bušić wrote a book named Lovers and Madmen about the hijacking and her love for the head of operation.

Official story

TWA Flight 355 was a domestic Trans World Airlines flight which was hijacked on September 10, 1976 by five "Fighters for Free Croatia", a group seeking Croatian independence from Yugoslavia.

The incident occurred on the same day as the Zagreb mid-air collision, which to date remains Croatia's worst air disaster.

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