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Discussion about Types of psyOps One part of the typology is the name, the psyops have been given to by the media. So the second part should be imo a fakeological term refering to the decoded psyop.

  • vehicle regulation (car attack or truck attack without other "political" frame)
  • branding (e.g. Ariana Grande)
  • propaganda (e.g. 93 WTC bombing)
  • war on terror (all incidents in that frame)
  • war on drugs (dont know if we have such, but the frame exists)
  • war on communism (all incidents in that frame, e.g. Cuba missiles crisis)
  • covert economic operation (not sure about this one, e.g. Titanic)
  • social engineering

The second fakeological type would refer to the technology used

  • DCP
  • Staged
  • Simulated
  • etc.

Example: Ariana Grande Bombing (media name), Branding (1), HRDPR (2)