Toronto Danforth shooting

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Toronto Danforth shooting
The restaurant involved in 2018 Danforth Shooting
The restaurant involved in 2018 Danforth Shooting
Official name Toronto Danforth shooting
Year 2018
Date 07/28
Place Toronto
Place Canada
Place North America
Story Perps/s Faisal Hussain

Official summary

Around 10:00 p.m. EDT on July 22, 2018, a lone gunman walked along Toronto's busy Danforth Avenue in the Greektown area of the city, randomly shooting pedestrians before opening fire on crowded restaurants.

The incident began around Danforth and Logan Avenue near the restaurant Christina's. Witnesses described 10 to 15 blasts similar to firecrackers, while others reported hearing gunshots and seeing a man holding a gun. Further along the Danforth at Chester Avenue, witnesses said they saw a man shooting from a sidewalk into another restaurant named Demetre's.

The shooter continued to walk westbound on Danforth towards Hampton Avenue, where witnesses said the shooter crossed the street from the north side to the south side and fired into the 7Numbers restaurant near Bowden Street where one victim was shot. Police responded to calls from witnesses and located the gunman on Bowden Street and exchanged gunfire with the suspect. The gunman ran back to Danforth where he was found dead.

At the corner of Danforth and Logan, police closed off an area from bystanders and detonated a package for undisclosed reasons.

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Alleged victims

  • Reese Fallon, 18
  • Julianna Kozis, 10

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