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[[File:Troll cows ill jnl artlibre.png|right|400px|thumb|Self portrait of Crazy Dave, that's me, DaveJ, spitually murdering the sheeple I see around me...]]
This is the user page of Dave J.
This is the user page for Crazy Dave, the "most valuable YouTube researcher since basically the invention of electricity".
Don't call me a lunatic or a delusional dude, I am a serious YouTube "researcher", who will call everyone I troll to a "[[Glossary|Spiritual Murderer]]" and a LIAR.
I have never produced anything tangible in my life, but ya know, [[User:Fakeologist|Ab]] and [[User:Faye|Faye]] love me, so here I am, to screw up a once good, valuable and serious source of research.
Be prepared for my troll attacks, they are really "advanced", like more than the pitiful "Christian" adolescent with no social skills, I actually am...
If you want to know more about me, just Google DSM IV or "Dave Johnson" on YouTube, you will find my crazy rants, unfounded accusations and other lunatic thoughts, like our Moon is a hologram, there...
== See also ==
* [[:Category:Fakeologists|Real Fakeologists and other characters who are not as workless as me, Crazy Dave Johnson...]]

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This is the user page of Dave J.