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aSIDE. means preparing for a darker future, leaving aSIDE. the bad drugs sugar, alcohol and media.

It also means having reserves to leave aSIDE. Savings that will help yourself and those who you love; aDORE.

Podcast 2020-08-27


  • ...
  • Sound Money is technology, converting cash into gold and silver
  • own bank account money, or earning commission, going to the sound money wallet
  • transport between cash, silver and gold, with three tabs
  • money raise throgh Sound Money, can be transferred to bank account directly
  • Sound Money Vault, you can collect (delivered) gold and silver if you want, delivery "withing 2 days" (US only?)
  • you can transfer gold, silver or cash to another member
  • Western Union live transfer is possible
  • How to earn income
  • Super simple, you just share 7K metals with people
  • get others to get membership, one left, one right
  • every membership 50, 100, 150 points
  • 30 points = 30 USD you get back
  • money goes into Sound Money Cash balance, or VISA card or bank account
  • you help the two people around you and they you
  • membership renewals gets you more points

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