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This page is under contruction

On this page we collect material and thoughts about the Narrative management and concrete the Post programming of the 9/11 psyop. Fakeologists Kham and Rochello analyse documentaries containing witness accounts, shown on TV or in social media after 9/11. The research is ongoing.

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Published on Aug 30, 2016 on youtube. Titel: "TalkBoxEp1 Dubious 9/11 Witnesses".

Note by Kham: Roch3llo and Kham dissect and speculate about the film 9/11 "102 Minutes that changed America", a History Channel movie about so called independent filmographers on the day of 9/11. These filmographers are also witnesses to the 9/11 event and one might find it interesting that they all wish to be in entertainment or already are in the entertainment business.


Published on Dec 17, 2017 on Fakeologist.com. Titel: "Kham and Rochello’s 9/11 deconstruction".

Note by Kham: This is an expose video on what we are told happened during neineleven and we are questioning if the stories from the survivors are believable. Also there are 3 second-hand stories of effbee-eye agents targeting of mentally disabled muslims and trying to turn them into terrorists.

Timestamps: 00:00 Rochelo and Kham are going to analyse “I Survided.. 9/11” 01:00 What we saw on TV on 9/11 was not live but presented and live 02:40 Downtown Manhatten was blocked out 05:00 Analysis of the Naudet brothers’ filming on the morning which caught the “first plane hit” 09:46 NIST released later photos and filmclips of 9/11 in HD quality 12:00 There are no pictures of people running out of the buildings 14:20 All footage was prerecorded like a movie 15:57 The day previous to 9/11 there was a huge federal drill going on there and all forces where on site before 9/11 started. Police and first responders and firemen were prepared. 17:41 American association of dispachers and all necessary forces are introduced on the drill, how to react in the simulated event. 20:00 Witness accounts are part of the wall of tears. 28:25 Start of analysis of the witness accounts in the documentary at 16:00. 28:30 Bonny Giebfried, 15:51. 34:59 Next witness account, 16:44, the jumpers 42:24 Continue at 17:11 of the same witness account 49:05 Continue at 27:03 witness Kelly X 52:09 Continue at 46:45 witness “sausage finger guy” 01:03:16 Continue at 52:00 witness Tom 01:14:30 Continue at 57:04 witness Terry Jones 01:18:30 Continue at 59:15 witness Terry Jones 01:27:00 Continue at 01:11:00 witness Sgt. Maj. Tony Rose “saved the seven sailors” and “many bodyparts” 01:41:36 Conclusions and general discussion about the witness accounts of 9/11

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