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The Zal rule is an informal term coined by Zal in December 2017 for psyops that share the following: "when a movie of an event is made, the event can safely be considered fake".


Prescriptive programming / Post programming
Year Title Referencing event Notes
1990 The Simpsons 3-eyed fish Nuclear power plant, Nuclear scare [1]
1993 The Simpsons Tiger attack Las Vegas (2003) [1]
1994 The Simpsons Average Joe Astronot (2010), Oliver Knight (2013) [1]
1995 The Simpsons Ebola medical scare (2014) [1][MSM 1]
1998 The Simpsons God particle (2012) [MSM 1]
1999 The Simpsons nuclear power plant, nuclear scare, Fukushima tsunami (2011) [1]
2005 Family Guy Kevin Spacey scandal (2017) [2]
2007 The Simpsons NSA spying, Edward Snowden release through Wikileaks (2013) [1][MSM 1]
2009 Knowing Deepwater Horizon oil spill (2010)
2012 Family Guy Death of Robin Williams (2014) [2]
2012 Family Guy Bruce Jenner (2015) [2]
2012 The Simpsons Debt default Greece (2015) [MSM 1]
2013 Family Guy Boston Bombings (2013) [2]
2013 Family Guy Death of Paul Walker (2013), 6 days later [2]
2014 The Simpsons FIFA scandal (2015) [1][MSM 1]


For more examples, see the category at the bottom of the page


  • Jet rule - "If a plane crash appears in documentaries like Mayday, Air Crash Investigation, Seconds from Disaster or similar shows, it is probably staged"
  • Wallace rule - "If events appear in documentaries and especially in the In Search Of... show running from 1977 to 1982, it is probably staged"

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