Youtube solution

There are so many ways to get around Youtube. Don’t waste your time getting lost on any new platform either.

The best way is not a new platform: the best way is peer to peer, direct to your device file sharing.

Simply install resilio sync. It’s a small, free, and lightening fast program to share your content.

Tell all your subscribers to install it on whatever device they want to get your show on. It works on all platforms.

You create 2 directories. One for the latest video/show/audio, and one for the archives. Share both links two your newly setup telegram group (works on all platforms), and then share the 2 links into that group. You only do this one time.

Whenever you create a new show, drop it in the new show directory. Move the last show into your archives. That way your users can always have the latest show in the latest show directory. If they want the rest, then can download all or selected shows from the archive directory.

Your listeners can chat and interact on a censor free platform, and always get your content.

Your content lives on your listeners’ devices, not any server anywhere!

Download 2 programs now!


See it in action!

Fakeologist latest show

Fakeologist Audio Archives

Fakeologist Audiochat Archives Telegram

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