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napoleon wilson

room 237 woo the big puzzle , ha ok so none watch my vids well i do so there!
seems fakeologist is the only place talking freely always bet on a canadian

right room 237 in the shining is the minds eye it has oz on the keyring and the suite it leads to doesnt exist in reality if the plans for the hotel and a keen eye by thousands of esoteric movie fans is correct ,

the directors leave clues for each other ,not normal idiots like me but seeing as im here ill shedsome light , no spoilers cant be arsed but ill leave crumbs

the programming tool that is mk ultra and oz programming is not a secret but kubricks admiration to george lucas and industrial light and magic does give clues

so star wars has episodes 4.5.6. room 237 fits snugly around that (room 23-456-7)
the little lads imaginary friend is called tony . i 😡 ny ( i love ny ) the miniature maze is central park and the collumns next to them are the twin towers, we have twins being chopped down , so you paying attention we have a child being traumatized by imagery that flashes in his head a hotel thats full of dead people new york laid out in a rooms set up (then why does kubrick do this ) told ya all wizards get their wand praised ,,,,,, kubrick like others knew about 911 before most but having seen star wars and empire strikes back he knew ,thats why he calls george lucas the new ozma,

so kubricks tribute to ozma was showing the old way of traumatizing or conditioning whilst using an esoteric lay out of new york

now im sure theres film buffs who love kubrick and will say arrgh ,but room 237 and star wars,s ny new york connetions are blatant plus the entire 911 narrative ,now yes theres loads of whistleblowing in the shining to do with apollo 11 and faking the moon landing but thats obfuscation of the private joke (not private joker)between directors

hope i didnt spoil the shining but its true
like i say star wars has space ships which are based on imagery and architecture of new york on 911 ,as does the shining , and as for tony being trauma and the i love ny sign clear mind control arrogance , thats why these fucks use the wizard of oz. so room 237 is kubricks tribute to the new ozma george lucas,s star wars trilogy

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