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•Stage 2 : MTF (Male to Female) cases and theory
Looking at EGI, Hollywood become a convenient resting-place. However, if the cult of dual sexuality is indeed a common trait in the upper 1%, we unfortunately find transgenderisation in a wide variety of fields.

One of the main strategies we might suspect the Elite to be obsessive about is control. Control over the past, control over the present and control over their opposition. By engaging in alternative research, we are aware that there are many false prophets and agents of disinformation out there.

On Fakeologist we have mostly been victims of some kind of falsehood before we come to understand that we really were misled by fake imagery mores than any other far fetched explanation.

Dr. Judy Wood comes to mind as the most elaborate and long lasting operation where myth is used and combined with modern technology and new vocabulary. Most of us feel sure about Judy Wood being an agent. Looking at the imagery below, it can also be argued that she’s in reality a man. A FTM front-man.
Judy Wood (often used promotional portrait as she toured the various podcast and radio-shows of alternative media)
Judy Wood - promotional image 1

Judy Wood (often used promotional portrait 2)
Judy Wood - promotional image 2

Judy Wood at Conspiracy Culture 2016 (promoting her book “Where Did the Towers Go”)
•prominent male neck, forehead, brow and nose. Also noticeable big teeth, male mouth, big/masculine hands and deep set eyes
Judy Wood - Male characteristics 1

Judy Wood Interview (Image from the video on Gaia TV)
•prominent male neck, index-finger congruent with male hands
Judy Wood - Male characteristics 1

Judy Wood interview in Brighton (Image from video-interview with youtuber 108morris108)
•prominent male chin/jaw, neck, nose. index-finger clearly male
Judy Wood - Male characteristics 2

Judy Wood interview in Brighton (close-up of hand)
Judy Wood - Male characteristics 3