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Aaron Li-Hill (Witness) Part 1

in the link below there is a video, a few things caught my attention.

The following highlights are ONLY my observations of the video, since I’ve dove into this SNF story, I tend to notice possible hidden meanings etc…

4:44 to 6:45 – As soon as graffiti was mentioned, my thought pattern went straight to the Martin Baron interview in front of graffiti walls. – Probably nothing.

7:30 to 7:37 – Speaking of street artist….” this ultimate masterpiece of deception of like what’s real, what’s not real…” – again probably nothing.

8:19 – I don’t believe that was the same bike from the streetcar(think it was green if I’m remembering correctly.

9:11 – The video ends with an owl painting.

Aaron is a very talented artist, he has many masterpieces out there, but here are a few of my favorites…..they remind me of my wake up call…sandy hook …..even an aurora tribute.

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