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I’ve decided not to go in depth on this story, but I will post a bit….from what I’ve looked into, it just sounds wrong to me, only my opinion….it almost sounds like streetcar story, but the Miami version with a few switches…also, with the amount of odd stories being pummeled out daily, it’s hard to keep up.

Not much in the first article or video, but the video is just odd….not much in this, but I found it suspicious.

In the video – For some reason, through my eyes, the woman is just suspicious, is it just me or does this seem scripted?
Also at the end, we see someone with a sigh walk back and forth quickly….the whole short video is odd to say the least to me.

NOTE – in the caption below, i circle the top area ” 2 ppl spied on you” thing…granted, I have seen this message a few times months ago, not very often….but before I captured the page this “warning” was not present…only after I captured the page…it’s probably nothing, but it did make me form a question.

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