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    It’s nearly time for another anniversary reinforcement of the original 1987 narrative for this significant, pre-internet age psy-op involving multiple deaths and the usual drawn out bean feast for the legal profession with 157 recommendations…
    5 years ago, from the 25th anniversary…

    19 November 2012
    Relatives of those who died in the fire at King’s Cross Underground station on 18 November 1987 were joined by fire-fighters and union members to remember the 31 who died when a fire on a wooden escalator engulfed the London station.
    Mick Whelan said the tragedy underlined the fact that safety was the first priority of any public transport system. ‘This is a time for mourning and honouring the dead,’ he said. ‘But part of that process it to determine that nothing like this must happen on our railways ever again. We must never be complacent.

    until the next mass casulaty drill….

    ‘The anniversary of the King’s Cross fire is a reminder of the vital role the Fire Service plays in supporting the health and safety of transport workers,’ Mick said.

    our brave firefighters- lynchpins of every psy-op around the world.

    psy-op validated by these videos, with the familiar tropes

    “32 die but the death toll could rise”
    but it actually declined!
    note the drill array of ambulances.
    Lyndsay Taylor IRN [radio] reporter
    heroes, lucky survivors in the toilet…the build up of garbage story already aired…

    the “bodies” [no trace]
    “forensic experts”
    Philip Seamark, cheeky chappy engineer
    Joe Kennedy Asst Fire Chief
    Colin Townsley – hero firefighter who died in the fire, so we’re told

    20th anniversary coverage, 2007, with the 2005 psy-op still fresh in everybody’s memory
    Sophie Tarassenko of the predictably set up Kings Cross Family Action Group “hasn’t seen” her brother Ivan for 20 years, she says in the interview.

    She was also wheeled out in 2012 as well as 2007

    Peter Power was one of the police inspectors in charge – yes, the same Peter “simultaneous 2005 drill” Power.



    A plaque in the church names 30 of the victims. The identity of the 31st person who died, a middle-aged man, has never been discovered.***

    Sophie Tarassenko – clinical psychologist, school of law, University of Hertfordshire
    The results of Chapple and Ziebland’s qualitative study on viewing the body after bereavement due to a traumatic death are hugely welcomed by Disaster Action—a charity founded in 1991 by survivors and bereaved people from UK and overseas disasters.We have personal experience of over 20 disasters, including rail, air, and maritime disasters and terrorist attacks. …
    Do you want to read the rest of this article?

    if nobody died, and nobody got hurt, there’s no body to view.

    The Colin Townsley fire officer funeral – looking very like that of PC Keith Palmer after the Westminster Bridge attack hoax

    more images from the 29th anniversary…

    The 30th anniversary is already arranged

    Next..the list of victims, and some memorials
    in the meantime, the official Wikipedia narrative….

    *** written in 2003…It was not until January 2004, when the final victim of the fire was identified. For years, police had failed to work out who “Body 115” was and assumed he was a man aged 40 to 60.
    He turned out to be Alexander Fallon, 72, from Falkirk, Scotland, who had been living rough in London.
    Mr Fallon’s four daughters were prompted to renew their inquiries about the body’s possible link to their father after reading about a 15th anniversary service for the fire’s victims in 2002.


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