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    Allegedly, there was a mass stabbing today in Kawasaki, Japan, a city 13 miles (21 kilometers = 3, makes 33) from Tokyo (how did they calculate this with the biggest city in the world?). During the last day of the state visit of Donny Drumpf, what a coincidence!

    (obviously he didn’t travel alone, so enough time to use his party of US Americans to help staging an event like this)

    Japan stabbing: two dead and 16 injured in attack on children in Kawasaki

    Young children were waiting for school bus when they were attacked by man, witnesses say.
    2 people have died and 16 others (2+7=9), including more than a dozen schoolgirls, have been injured after a man armed with knives went on a rampage at a crowded bus stop near Tokyo on Tuesday morning.

    Japanese media said Hanako Kuribayashi, an 11-year-old girl, and 39-year-old Satoshi Oyama, a foreign ministry official, had died in hospital after being stabbed in the neck.

    The attacker, a 57-year-old man whose name has not been released, also died after reportedly stabbing himself in the neck after the attack near a park in the city of Kawasaki, south of the capital.

    It was not clear if police had established a motive before he died.


    The national broadcaster NHK quoted witnesses as saying the suspect had been holding a knife in each hand and had begun stabbing his victims as they waited to board a bus. Kyodo news agency said the suspect, who had short hair and was wearing glasses, shouted he was going to kill the children.

    Two girls and a woman in her 40s are being treated for serious injuries, Kyodo said.

    The prime minister, Shinzo Abe, voiced anger over the attack and asked his education minister to ensure children were safe when travelling to and from school.

    “It was an extremely harrowing incident in which many small children were the victims, and I am outraged,” Abe said. “I will take all possible measures to keep children safe.”

    The 13 injured children, believed to be girls aged from 6 to 12 [another 9], are reportedly pupils at Caritas, a local Catholic [there are not many Catholic schools in Japan]school. Oyama [the foreign ministery official] was reportedly the father of a pupil at the school [what a coincidence (2)!].

    Donald Trump, on the final day of a state visit to Japan, said he and the first lady, Melania, sent their “prayers and sympathy” to the victims. “All Americans stand with the people of Japan and grieve for the victims and for their families,” Trump said during a visit to a naval base [ideal for military psyops] near Tokyo.

    Media reports said the attack had begun at about 7.45am (Wikipedia has already an article and says 7:44) near a bus stop at Noborito station in Kawasaki. Police found two knives nearby.

    A local man [anonymous] told Agence France-Presse [international press organizations travel with the US president, another factor to release such a story quickly] that he had gone outside after hearing screams. “It’s hard to describe what it was like, how it sounded. It wasn’t girls having fun. It was a sound that was absolutely not normal,” he said.

    Really? That is how one described a stabbing of school girls? “It was not normal”? Who is this anonymous man, Robbie Parkers sushi chef?

    “I saw a man lying on the street. I also saw a girl hunched over on the ground. There were also five or six girls, maybe they were the ones who screamed … There was blood all over them.”

    TV networks showed live footage of multiple police cars [coincidence 3, or are live reports from police cars at 7:45 am normal in Japan? ElSushi?], ambulances and fire engines at the scene. Emergency medical tents were put up to treat the injured. [or to stage the drill?]

    “I heard the sound of lots of ambulances and I saw a man lying near a bus stop bleeding,” a witness told NHK.

    “There is another bus stop near the primary school and I also saw schoolchildren lying on the ground … It’s a quiet neighbourhood. It’s scary to see this kind of thing happen,” he added. [just “scary”?]

    Japan has one of the lowest rates of violent crime in the developed world. Mass attacks are rare but it has experienced sporadic, and deadly, attacks involving knives.

    Not anymore, with the Trump party on stage!

    In 2016, a man who claimed he wanted to kill people with disabilities killed 19 people and injured 26 others in a knife attack at a care facility near Tokyo.

    In 2001, 8 children died and 19 others were injured when a man forced his way into a primary school and began a frenzied knife attack.

    In 2008, 7 people were killed by a man who slammed a truck into a crowd of people in central Tokyo’s Akihabara district and then stabbed passersby.

    Psyop chain programming.

    Video by The Guardian
    – notice how quiet the area in a satellite city of Tokyo is on a Tuesday morning?
    – lines of drill-vehicles blocking the streets and view
    – no neighbors are standing outside and watching?

    Kawasaki stabbing rampage leaves three dead, including schoolgirl and suspect; 17 injured

    Many of the victims sustained wounds to the neck, and they may also develop post-traumatic stress disorder, according to hospitals treating them.

    A woman in her 40s who lives near the scene said she saw a rescue worker conducting CPR on a girl and “blood flowing from a man in a suit crouching on the ground and forming a pool.”

    A local resident, who declined to give his name, said children attending the school lined up for the bus at the site every day.

    “If you live in this neighborhood, everybody knows that these kids are there,” the 66-year-old said. “I’ve been in this area for a long time, I cannot believe that somebody targeted this bus and targeted these small children.”

    I cannot believe it either.

    Schools in Japan have stepped up safety measures ever since a knife-wielding man, who sought to be sentenced to death, entered an elementary school in Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture, and killed 8 students and wounded 15 others in 2001.

    While The Guardian has it at 19 injured, see above.

    Many schools lock their gates once classes start and security cameras have been introduced. Volunteers and members of parent teacher associations also line the routes leading to schools. But such measures are limited.

    So children need to be indoctrinated to get used to even more Orwellian measures, right?

    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

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